2008 Cookie Baking Extravaganza!!

22 Dec

Kari came into town after her last exam of the year and we spent Saturday baking cookies … here are some pictures of the final results!!

We started with Peanut Butter Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies … 
… and then moved to a more traditional Chocolate Chip (mini chocolate chips, of course!!) …

… then made a batch of Butter Cookies dusted with Powdered Sugar … 

… (more of the Butter Cookies) …

… they’re yummy with coffee … 

… then we adapted a recipe for “Valentine Sugar Hearts” by using Christmas Cookie Cutters instead 🙂 … 

… and finally Bruce asked for Ginger Snaps … we found a recipe and started working on it, not realizing that it yielded EIGHT DOZEN … 

… Bruce approved of the recipe and now has LOTS of Ginger Snaps to snack on!!

What a fun day, although we were TOTALLY exhausted (as were the oven and the electric mixer)!!  But what a great way to get into the holiday spirit after an extremely tough semester.
Happy Holidays, everyone!!
All my Love,
Sarah 🙂

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