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Spontaneity = Exhaustion

29 Oct
So I am exhausted.  Absolutely exhausted.
Apparently I’m not as good as traveling hard during the weekend, getting no sleep during the beginning part of the week so I can catch up on what schoolwork and then still functioning towards the middle/end of the week as I was in college.
And – I do not know how we let this happen – there is no coffee in our apartment.  How am I supposed to bounce back?
But I am still here – (barely) running on the adrenaline from the weekend and I HAVE to tell you how it all played out.  It was really quite fabulous.  For the past month or so, Neal had been planning on driving down to visit with Bruce and me last week.  We planned his trip around the anniversary at St. Johns so that I could drive back up to PA with him on Friday and only need to fly one way.  I save some money and Neal and I get to spend some fun, road-trip-filled quality time together.  I was going to drive home on Sunday night after the anniversary with my parents and then fly out on Monday night.  Well at the very last minute, we decided that it would be fun if Bruce came with us.
And when I say “last minute” I mean very last minute – I mean Friday … afternoon.  When the original plan was to leave Friday morning.
And you thought we were a boring, old and predictable married couple … 🙂
We decided we wouldn’t tell my family and that Bruce would just show up with me on Saturday night when I made my way to my aunt’s house to meet up with them.  It ended up working perfectly – after a long trip up the east coast we stayed at Alex & Neal’s apartment on Friday night (does it count as Friday night when you arrive at 2 a.m. Saturday morning?).  And while Sarah and I were stimulating the economy on Saturday afternoon, Bruce and Neal drove to Myerstown to drink Swiss Tea and spend some time with Bruce’s family.  Saturday night Bruce and I borrowed Neal’s jeep and drove to meet my family in Nazareth.  My parents were SHOCKED to see Bruce.  It was SO much fun to surprise them and even more fun that he was with us to share in such an awesome celebration.
Here we are after church on Sunday.
(p.s. Do you like my dad’s hat? GO PHILLIES!!)
Now – if leaving 3/4 of a day with an extra person later wasn’t complicated enough … Bruce now needed to fly back to Atlanta so he could get to work on Monday (I don’t have class on Monday which is why I waited until then to fly out).  So Bruce took Neal’s jeep, drove back to Sarah’s house, left the jeep, got in Sarah’s car and she drove him to the airport.  Neal then had to have Alex bring him to Sarah’s so he could pick up his jeep.
Sound complicated?  It was – but my friends are AWESOME and did what needed to happen so that we could have this time with our family.
And lest I forget my awesome Atlanta friends – many thanks to Steven for picking Bruce up when he got in at 11:30 p.m. Sunday night!!
Speaking of awesomeness – before taking me to the airport my mom wrote me a check to pay for Bruce’s flight back to Atlanta.  They were just so happy to see him.
So – am I exhausted?  Yes.
Was it worth it?  Absolutely.

Everyone Should Have a Friend Like This

28 Oct
Sarah as she and I did our part to stimulate the economy at King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania on Saturday.
And boy did we did we do our part …

Back in Atlanta!!

27 Oct
After a wonderful whirlwind weekend … a weekend that consisted of a 13-hour drive through the rain from Georgia to Pennsylvania, a shopping extravaganza with my guest blogger Sarah, dinner with a bunch of rowdy Penn State fans, Bruce surprising my parents, an amazing 150th anniversary celebration at St. Johns, a beautiful fall-colored drive to Connecticut and a morning in Kent, CT … I am back in Atlanta!!  I have a paper due tomorrow that I started about 25,000 feet in the air, but I will be back throughout the week to talk about why I love the northeast, why my family is awesome, why I am proud to be part of the UCC and why I have the greatest friends ever.
But for the time being …
… there is a hot air balloon landing pad near the PA/NJ state border on I-78.  It was GORGEOUS on Sunday so we saw dozens flying over the highway!!

Doesn’t that look peaceful?  And kind of terrifying at the same time …

150th Anniversary Celebration

26 Oct
Congratulations to St. Johns United Church of Christ in Nazareth, PA – they celebrated their 150th anniversary this morning!!
This is the church that my dad grew up in.
This is the church that my grandfather served for 18 years.
This is where my parents met.
This is where my parents were married.
This is where my mom was ordained.
This is where my grandfather baptized me.
This is where we said our final farewells to my grandfather in 1986.
Their anniversary theme was “Following His Footsteps”
For 2,000 years, we have followed.  We have walked, run, stumbled … perhaps even skipped at times.  Now is NOT the time to stop.
How can YOU follow in Christ’s footsteps?

Show Us Your City – Atlanta, GA

22 Oct
Hi Y’all!!
I was reading Leslie’s blog tonight and she was participating in a fun blog hop, “Show Us Your City” hosted by Jax at The Roaring Twenties.  I thought that it would be fun to link up and show you a southern city through the eyes of a northerner!!

So …
Welcome to Atlanta!!
My husband and I moved to Atlanta in the summer of 2007 so that I could start a masters program at Emory University.
My program is three years and this is my last year!!  It is hard to believe that I have made it this far.
This is the very beautiful Cannon Chapel on Emory’s campus.  I am a theology student so I tend to spend a lot of time here!!
This is one of Bruce and my favorite places to shop – the Dekalb Farmer’s Market.  It is a huge international farmer’s market with an amazing selection of fresh produce, meat, coffee, spices and more!! Everything stays fresh for longer and it is so inexpensive to shop there.  They also have a huge recycling center adjacent to the market that takes virtually anything that can be recycled.
When people come to visit that have never been to Atlanta before, we usually take them to the Georgia Aquarium.
The sharks are HUGE!!
This is the Carter Center, which holds the library of President Carter.  He really has accomplished so much since he left office and has connected with a lot of awesome organizations.  I am so inspired every time I hear him speak!!
One of Bruce’s favorite places … Atlanta Cycling 🙂 Somehow he always finds something one of his bikes (yes, he has two) NEEDS every time he stops in!!
Atlantic Station, a large brownfield growth and redevelopment project in the northwestern edge of Midtown.  This is a relatively recent project (I believe they started the design in the 1990s), but I think the city has had a really positive response to it.  They have great shopping, food, entertainment and even better atmosphere!! (Oh – and you can walk to IKEA from it!!)
Well those are some of our favorites.  Life isn’t always easy when you take two small town northerners and stick them in a large southern city, but we are having a fabulous time trying to figure it all out!!
(One of my favorite engagement pics – we were at one of the Chattahoochee National Park Sites and Bruce was being such a good sport considering he would have much rather been fly fishing that afternoon than running around with me taking pictures)
pictures found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here


20 Oct

The first time it happened I didn’t think anything of it. I was at the Coast Guard Training Center in Cape May, NJ for Jason’s graduation from basic training.

“Good morning, Ma’am,” a recruit said to me as he held the door open for me.

“Ma’am?” I initially thought to myself. “Am I old enough to be called ma’am?”

I shrugged it off because of where I was and what was expected of the recruits. It was the military, after all. If he did not call me ma’am and someone overheard that, he probably would have been doing pushups all night.

Fast forward to this morning. One of our maintenance guys was in our apartment to finish fixing our shower that they had started fixing yesterday. I was in the kitchen getting lunch ready to bring to school when I heard him packing up. As he walked past me, I heard those words again …

“Good day, ma’am.”

Question …

Cat Nap

19 Oct
She has such a hard life.
No, seriously – don’t you feel badly for her?

Who Says Girls Can’t Build Fires?

18 Oct

Fabulous Television News

16 Oct

Anybody else tired of the Jon & Kate divorce saga?

Don’t need a reminder that no one could steal $230,000 from your checking account because you will never HAVE $230,000 to take?

Don’t feel like pondering Jon’s religious choices? (If you’re curious, he currently considers himself part-Jewish because the Glassman’s are Jewish and he thinks they have good family values.)

Don’t think those children should have to go to school knowing that their friends and parents are seeing the ugly ins and outs of Jon & Kate’s divorce played out in the tabloids and the highest bidding networks?

Well have no fear – Cake Boss is back!!

Bruce and I LOVE this show.  Little drama with the exception of typical italian family bickering, amazing (and I mean AMAZING) cakes and really silly humor.

Cake Boss premieres NEXT Monday, October 26th!!

Caffeinated Goodness

15 Oct
… how did I not know about this before now?