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TGIF and Five Questions

29 Jan

Happy Friday!!  TGIF!!

I have – for the most part – been horizontal on the couch or in bed for the past two days with sinus pressure, headaches, dizziness and sheer exhaustion.  I don’t think it’s a full-blown sinus infection (hoping it’s not anyway) but I haven’t felt well enough to go to school or work.  Because my days have consisted of the Today Show and reruns of The Secret Life of the American Teenager (seriously, that show is a train wreck I can’t turn away from) there really hasn’t been much to blog about, but I was reading Melissa’s blog this morning and saw that she had linked up to My Little Life’s Five Question Friday.  The questions were fun so I thought I would link up, too – it gives me something fun to think about and lets you all learn about me in the meantime.  Here we go …

1. Would you ever vacation alone?
Hmm … this is a really good question.  I’ve never done it, but I think I would enjoy it.  I definitely sight see at my own pace (sorry, Mom, I know we were in Barcelona and that was a wonderful opportunity, but I just don’t understand Picasso’s artwork) so I think I would enjoy being able to wander at my own pace, stop to take pictures of something no one else would think to take a picture of and to just sit and take it all in.  Lucky for me, Bruce and I travel really well together.  Our paces are similar and we don’t mind going in separate directions if one of us wants to see something that the other doesn’t.  I think I would be good at taking day trips by myself, but eventually would get lonely and need someone else around!!

My mom and me at the Vatican during the aforementioned European “I don’t understand Picasso and want to go to lunch” vacation.

2. Do you go the speed limit?
I am MUCH better than I used to be (when you have to ask your parents for a check because you have to pay a $150 speeding ticket at the age of 16 you learn to lay off the gas a little bit) but I tend to drive 5-10 mph over the speed limit.  That being said – I live in Atlanta.  I get stuck in traffic a LOT.  More often than not I’m driving at a stop-and-go crawl pace.

3. Why did you start blogging / following blogs?
I starting my blog because I live 1,000 miles away from my family, church and ordination committee.  I wanted to give them a window into our lives down here.  I didn’t really realize all that blogging was at the time – but love the fact that I can connect with people all over the country/world – I love keeping up with old friends and hearing about other people’s lives and faith. I get inspiration from them for projects around my apartment, find tons of recipes and learn different photography techniques.  I am constantly learning so thank you to everyone who helps along the way!!

4. Where do you shop for yourself?
Any place where I can find inexpensive cute clothes that will last awhile.  Target, Kohls, Charlotte Russe, H&M, Old Navy and TJ Maxx.  I love the Hunger Site for cute jewelry (and the money goes to a great cause!!) and I really love shopping in the closets of my friends and cousins 🙂 – hand me downs ROCK!!

5. What was the song that you dance your first dance with your spouse to at your wedding?
We danced to Etta Jame’s At Last.  We were married the year President Obama was inaugurated and when we were watching the Inauguration Balls that night and saw him and the First Lady dancing to At Last, Bruce said, “Hey, if it’s good enough for the president, it’s good enough for us” – and it was settled.

Amazing day.
Thanks for stopping by – hopefully I’m feeling better by mid-weekend – there is only so much bad TV a girl can watch!!

Queen of Procrastination

28 Jan
Let me tell you, I am wearing the crown tonight.  I have a paper due tomorrow and I started writing it around the same time they announced President Obama at the State of the Union tonight.
(If you’re curious, streaming the speech live on and keeping the window open next to your paper does not create a good paper-writing environment.)
Curious why I waiting until 9 pm EST to start my paper?  I had much more important things to do.
Like hanging pictures. (It all started when I decided to move some photos around on another wall, then I realized I had never framed these pictures and I wanted to, so I went to Target and found these cute frames for $2 and hung them above my desk.)
I love how I nonchalantly say “Like hanging pictures” like this is an everyday occurrence.  In the spirit of honesty, I must say that Bruce usually does this and I am shocked everything looks straight – I really think I am turning over a new leaf in home decor.
And making labels for my magazine holders (I got these super cheap at IKEA last year, painted them with leftover paint from this project last week and decided tonight they still needed something).  Personally, I really like the deep yellow / black combination.
(See?!  More DIY home projects.  I’m on a roll!!)
What are YOU procrastinating doing tonight?

Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Blog About

27 Jan

I’ve been singing Bonnie Raitt’s “Something to Talk About” ever since I opened my blog this afternoon and realized I had NOTHING to blog about.  Seriously …

– No class (can I get a hoorah?) so I slept until 9 and walked to work
– After work Bruce and I had a “date night” that consisted of me making dinner and Bruce convincing me to play racquetball
– Bruce kicked my butt, I got mad and I threw my racquet
– Bruce and I went out for breakfast, thought we would walk around Sports Authority for awhile and I was horrified to find out that Beer Pong is now considered a sport …
… words just don’t do it justice (I wonder if you have to be 21 to buy it?)
– It rained all day, I came home from church, watched football for eight hours straight and was heartbroken when the Vikings lost (seriously, what will it take for Brett Favre to get to the Super Bowl one more time?)
– I went to work and got an e-mail that said my psych evaluation was complete and now I just needed to read it and sign off that it could be sent to the chair of my Church & Ministry for review
– As I read it, I kept giggling because – due to confidentiality restraints and the fact that they sent me the document electronically – the report kept referring to me as Ms. 101209001
– I released the report and e-mailed the chair of my committee to let her know that my “psycho report” would be sent to her shortly (seriously, thank you to whoever invented spellcheck)
– Meeting, class, lunch, class, homework, home
– Bruce went for a run, got back, we made dinner together and my dad starting texting us the score for the UCONN women’s basketball game (Go Huskies!!)
– Now we are sitting on opposite ends of the couch, watching NCIS, computers on lap – Bruce is looking at knives and I am blogging – someone has made herself very comfortable in between …
… she is certainly the queen of the house, that’s for sure
Ever have a couple of days where you felt like you didn’t do anything news-worthy, but it was wonderful and perfect in its own little way?
And – for your listening pleasure – the song that inspired the title to this post …

Remember When I Moved to Atlanta and We Were in a Level Four Drought?

25 Jan
Umm … yeah.  I have vague recollections of brown grass and environmentalists pleading with people to preserve their day-to-day water usage.
Flashflood Warnings + Football = Low Productivity For Sarah
This does not bode well for my academic success this career.

Weekend Recipes – Homemade Hamburger Helper

23 Jan

Disclaimer:  I do not know what hamburger helper tastes like.  I don’t think that I have ever had it before in my life.  But the recipe I am going to share is along the same concept and I couldn’t come up with a better name for it (if you have one let me know!!).

Bruce got this recipe from his mom.  It is incredible easy, but also really hearty – we have it a lot when it is rainy and cold outside.  It is the perfect weeknight meal!!

Homemade Hamburger Helper
1 pound Hamburger
1 small White Onion, diced
1 can Cream of Mushroom Soup
1 cup White Rice, cooked according to package instructions
Sauté hamburger and onion, drain
Pour cream of mushroom over beef & onions, add a can of water
Stir, turn down heat and allow time for soup to thicken
Serve over rice
(We didn’t when I made it this past week, but I think next time I will serve it with a side of steamed vegetables)
(Seriously – it is that easy!!)


22 Jan

I am not a morning person.

I repeat:  I am NOT a morning person.

In fact, I have mastered the art of “five more minutes-ing” myself until 7:15 am every morning – at which point I roll out of bed, wash my face, brush my teeth, do my hair, get dressed, pick out earrings, put together my stuff for the day, grab coffee and breakfast and am out the door by 7:30 to get to Emory in time for my 8:00 class.

It is quite remarkable, actually.  I am starting to think I have pushed my limit one too many times and am inevitably going to be late at some point throughout my final semester.

Except I HAVE NO 8:00 CLASSES THIS SEMESTER.  This, my friends, is victory.

Where was I?  Oh right, I am NOT A MORNING PERSON.

And yet, this morning, I rolled over (sans alarm) to the sound of Bruce grumbling under his breath as he got back into bed.  I asked him what time it was, he told me almost 5:30.  Then I started to hear something … some sort of noise … music? … no … drums? … possibly … hip hop rap with a heavy bass line?  BINGO!!  I said (okay, more like whispered in a pathetic “I am NEVER AWAKE THIS EARLY kind of way”), “Is that the neighbors?” (Meaning, the neighbors who are notorious for playing this music on the weekends.  Annoying?  Yes.  Tolerable on the weekends?  I suppose.  5:30 in the morning?  Ummm … )

Bruce grumbled, “Yes,” and proceeded to turn on the radio on our TV to try to “show them.”  And this would have been a brilliant idea … except for the fact that Dave FM playing Taylor Swift really doesn’t have the same effect as “thud – bump – bump – thud, THUD … thud – bump – bump – thud, THUD.”

He quickly realized this and turned his attention to iTunes on his iPod, where he was bound and DETERMINED to find the name of the song that was playing.  Why?  I wasn’t too clear on this part.  Remember it was 5:30 in the morning.

And have you forgotten?  I am NOT A MORNING PERSON.

So at 5:45 he declared victory (similar to my victory over no 8 am classes, only his involved a fist pump and mine involve reading in a corner until 9:30 when my class actually starts) when he found the song and decided to celebrate by going for a run.

A run.

At 5:45 in the morning.

Why?  You may ask.  Because it wasn’t raining.  That was the answer I got, anyway.  Well – perhaps, I got a more detailed explanation.  But it was 5:45 am and I am NOT A MORNING PERSON.

So Bruce gets out of bed, puts on his running clothes, makes me coffee (just call him Prince Charming) and heads out the door.  I contemplated going back to sleep after he left but decided in the end that falling back asleep for 45 minutes would just give me a headache and make it difficult to get through the day.  I poured myself a cup of coffee and started to check my e-mail (in other words glance at my e-mail, decide there were too many attachments to open on my iPod and settle in to read blogs for 45 minutes).

As the coffee started to kick in, I began to have an epiphany.  Oh, the THINGS YOU CAN GET DONE WHEN YOU WAKE UP AT 5:30 IN THE MORNING.  I am not even joking.  By checking my e-mail (ahem reading blogs) before I left for school, I got to school and didn’t have to check e-mail, blogs, news, etc. and therefore read 50 pages before my 9:30 class, leaving me time in between classes to work on something else, rather than scrambling to get my reading done.  Not to mention the fact I didn’t have to rush through getting ready, I remembered things like my water bottle and lunch, I made my husband an egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast AND I got to watch the first hour of the Today Show.

I walked through the day proclaiming my new found love of mornings to everyone I talked to.  That’s right – LOVE.  I began to think that maybe – just maybe – I could be a morning person after all.

Until 8 pm.  At which point, I crashed into a wall.  Not literally, of course.  I was haphazardly working on some ordination stuff when my phone rang (it was my dad, ‘Hi Daddy!!’) I answered it, laid on the couch to talk for awhile and that was it – I was horizontal for the night.  There would be no going to the gym, no watching Burn Notice with Bruce, no doing the dishes (luckily I pulled the ‘ole “I cooked, can you take care of the clean up” eyelash flutter routine and Bruce took care of them) and no homework for the rest of the night.  I was officially exhausted.

This being a morning person stuff is harder than I thought.

I’m going to bed.  Goodnight y’all – tomorrow is “going to be beautiful.”  (“Going to be beautiful” is Bruce’s contribution – he is reading over my shoulder and I had been staring at a blinking cursor trying to finish the sentence, “Tomorrow is …” for at least five minutes.  It is officially time for me to go to bed.)

Giggle, Giggle, Hehehe

21 Jan

I was at the church tonight to rehearse a song that I am playing my saxophone with the choir on.  As I was packing up (and the choir was continuing their rehearsal) the music director asked me if I would mind making a few phone calls for him.  He had just found out that two more people were going to be missing from the bell choir rehearsal that he had scheduled for tonight and – because it is really hard to rehearse that particular ensemble without everyone (or close to everyone) there – he had decided to cancel.  He needed me to call the people that were still planning on coming.

I went into his office, found the directory, pulled out my phone and started making calls.  When someone picked up, the conversation went something like this:

Me:  Hello, [insert name here]?
[Insert Name Here]:  Yes?
Me:  Hi, it’s Sarah Weaver, from Pilgrimage.
[Insert Name Here]:  Hi!!
Me:  I’m just calling to let you know that, due to the number of people that aren’t able to make it, tonight’s bell choir rehearsal has been cancelled.
[Insert Name Here]:  Okay, thanks for letting me know!!
Me:  Not a problem.  So sorry for the late notice.  See you Sunday.
[Insert Name Here]:  Bye!!

As I had this conversation with each person on my list, it dawned on me that I am still not comfortable calling myself Sarah Weaver.  It’s been seven months and I still have to resist the urge to giggle like a giddy honeymooning newlywed when I introduce myself as Sarah Weaver.

For those of you married women (who changed their name) out there – how long did it take you to get used to introducing yourself or hearing yourself called by your new name? Am I weird?

I feel like it’s something that I need to get over before I start interviewing for church positions.  Because – you know – church search committees are always SO impressed with prospective pastors who introduce themselves, pause and giggle.