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AirTran Gets an A+++ on this Wear a Dress Tuesday

31 Mar

First thing’s first.  Remember my flying grievances?  Part of them were due to the fact that we landed in White Plains on Thursday night and proceeded to sit on the tarmac for an hour and fifteen minutes while there was a plane with mechanical difficulties stranded in our gate.  When we checked the mail today, Bruce and I had each gotten a letter from AirTran.  Because of the inconvenience we may have been caused, AirTran has offered each of us (and everyone else on the plane) a $100 credit towards a future flight as well as qualifying the flight we were on for twice as many A+ reward points!!

Thanks, AirTran – you get an A+++ from me!!


Now on to Wear a Dress Tuesday.  After my long weekend and traveling woes, I was in serious need of Wear a Dress Tuesday to lighten my mood and put some pep in my step.  Here is today’s picture:
From left to right – Whitney, Beth, Sara, me and Sarah
Candler students Stacey, Taylor and Mary also joined us but weren’t able to make the picture.
I just talked to my parents on skype and my mom showed me her dress (well, skirt and top) – she says she’s still not sure she understands the point, but she likes wearing something different.
Sarah has yet to fill me in on the Southeast Pennsylvania installment of Wear a Dress Tuesday … stay tuned for that update.
Did any of my blog-tastic friends take part?  Comment and link up and I’ll make sure to link back to you!!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a cooking mishap.

I thought I was getting better.
Tonight, I was making potentially the simplest meal known to man.  Romaine salad with rice, tomatoes and walnut pieces.
Guess who added HALF the amount of water she was supposed to and forced herself and her husband to gnaw on hard, brown rice?
Sigh … 
It’s keeps me humble.
Last but not least … 
You all know how much I am absolutely LOVING my new camera.  Of course (and this happens with all new gadgets, I’m convinced of this), this camera is only causing me to drool over the many accessories for it.  
Lenses and filters and tripods, oh my!!
I decided I would start small – I wanted to protect my lens with a clear filter, so I went into a local camera shop to see what they had.  I found a kit that not only included the clear filter, but also a polarized filter and a case for both of them for only a few dollars more than the cost of one individual filter.  I bit the bullet and dove into the world of filtering my lenses.
Like most things camera-related, I really have no idea what I am doing.  However, the sun was SO bright this afternoon, so while I was taking in some rays, I put on the polarized filter (think about what happens when you put polarized sunglasses on in bright sunlight) and snapped some pictures outside at Emory.
Isn’t that color incredible?  This picture is straight out of camera – I love it!!
I think that’s it for me today – phew!!  I’m ready for bed.

Flying Grievances

30 Mar

I guess I should start off this post by saying that I have never really had any issues with flying. My parents first brought me on a plane when I was really young and I have never been nervous or annoyed by the nuisances that come with traveling around in the big winged vehicle. Turbulence has never really scared me and I guess I’ve always figured that if we crashed, it would be quick and I would have no control anyway. Post-9/11 security is what it is, I have a fairly good routine down with my shoes, electronics, coats, etc. and I just try to be patient as I get through.  I love the fact that you can get from point A to point B faster than driving (particularly when there is an ocean separating the two points) and I think AirTran’s latest venture into in-flight WiFi is probably the coolest thing an airline has done in awhile.

But …

(The president of my mom’s seminary once told her that, “Everything before the ‘But’ is bullsh**” – if that gives you any idea of where this post is going.)

… flying has become more and more of an annoyance.

Between my trip two weeks ago and Bruce and my trip this weekend, I have a few grievances I would like to share with the blogging world.

Grievances Regarding AirTran
– I understand that having to cancel a flight due to weather makes scheduling complicated. But please don’t bump me off of a flight I booked two months ago to accommodate those that were cancelled the day before.
– If a plane lands and the gate it is supposed to go into is occupied by a plane that is having technical troubles (but full of people and therefore unable to move) please at least keep the air on in the plane unable to get to its gate and stuck on the tarmac.
– If said plane is stranded on the tarmac for an hour and fifteen minutes (yes, I said one hour and fifteen minutes), not only would it be nice to have the air on, it would also be nice to hand out some drinks and consider letting people get up to use the restrooms.
– Please stop making it seem like you are helping out in these tough economic times by offering “complimentary XM radio and headphones” and “free coffee at the gate” (even though I’ve never actually seen coffee there) when you are charging me excessive fees to check one bag. Call a spade a spade – you want more money.
– If you have a flight scheduled to leave at 6:28, perhaps start the boarding process before 6:15. When has it ever taken 15 minutes to get a 747 full of people onto the plane, carry on items stored and everyone safely in their seats?

Grievances Regarding Westchester County Airport
-If a plane is having technical troubles is stuck at the gate, please reroute the planes trying to get into its gate somewhere else. People get cranky when they are stranded on the tarmac for an hour and fifteen minutes and their rides home are restlessly texting/calling them.
-Try to find a way to not schedule your flights to all take off within 5 minutes of one another. Your two-gate terminal is entirely too small to have five flights worth of people waiting together in it.
-Please put a credit card machine at the café in the terminal. I rarely carry cash and find it annoying to not be able to use plastic to buy a bottle of water and a snack once I’m through security.
-If you do find yourself in a position where you have five flights worth of people waiting in your two-gate terminal, please turn the air conditioning on.  More bodies = heat.

Grievances Regarding My Fellow Flyers
– When you are planning a trip where you are going to need a fairly full suitcase, try to budget in enough money to pay to check your bags. Yes, it is a stupid fee, but it takes twice as long to get everyone on the plane when every single person is rolling something down the isle.
– Please don’t try to give yourself more room by putting up the armrest in between yourself and me. Do you remember Dirty Dancing? “This is your dance space and this is mine” – This is my seat and this is yours.
– FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS – Cell phones interfere with satellites (ever wonder why your radio explodes if your phone rings while sitting next to it?). Please don’t text while we are landing.
– FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS – If the plane lands and pauses before it gets to the gate, don’t get up and start digging through the overhead bins. The flight attendants won’t let the pilot start moving again until you sit down.
– Question: Why do you all insist on standing and flooding the aisles as soon as the seatbelt light is off? The door to the plane isn’t even open yet.
– When getting off the plane, it makes the most amount of sense to let people get out one row at a time, starting at the front and working your way back. If you are more towards the back, please don’t try to push your way up, it just crowds the aisles and everyone gets stuck.

I think that’s it for now.

(Bruce and I just got back from our long-weekend in Connecticut. Despite the frustrations on the traveling front, it was a great trip and I am so glad we were able to get up for my dad’s show. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!!)

The Falls at Bulls Bridge

29 Mar
When I was up in Connecticut two weeks ago, I posted about Kent Falls, a state park up the road from my parent’s house.  This time around, Bruce and I stopped at Bull’s Bridge, a waterfall and trail about ten minutes south of my parent’s house.
You have to cross this old and rustic one lane covered bridge to get to the falls.
The falls were absolutely gushing that day.
And I could only imagine how cold it was.
It was so nice to be able to get out with Bruce before spending two straight days at the high school doing musical-related things.
And, as usual, it’s always nice to get out of the city and have some country time.
Did anybody else get a mini-vacation this weekend?

I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham, I Do Not Like Them Sam I Am

29 Mar
Bruce and I flew back to Connecticut this weekend for the closing weekend of my dad’s musical.
We updated our family picture so Bruce could be in it this time.
Bruce and I met Gib early one morning for breakfast.
Bruce took me hiking on the Appalachian Trail
We took some video with our Flip.
And saw my church from afar.
We watched my dad’s musical three times.
In addition to the Cat in the Hat causing all sorts of trouble, we saw … 
Horton … 
… The Whos … 
… and Maisie the Bird.
(The shows were sold out so we watched from the catwalk – you can’t give seats to family when you can sell them to a paying customer!!)
It was a whirlwind weekend, but a wonderful one.  I am so proud of my dad, his staff, volunteers and students!!
(This was a vague account of my weekend, I will try to fill in the blanks later this week)
p.s. Please keep the Lewis family in your prayers – Larry, Virginia and Larry Jr.  Larry passed away today after two weeks in the ICU hooked up to ventilator.  Larry Jr. is only a few years older than I am.

It’s Spring, It’s Spring, It’s Spring!!

25 Mar
First things first … Wear a Dress Tuesday update:
A fellow Candler student, Whitney, also participated in our fun on Tuesday, but she wasn’t on campus until 6 p.m. and couldn’t be part of the group picture.  Check our her blog for pictures and reflections of her day, as well as an awesome budget break down of her entire outfit.  She was definitely proof that you do not need to spend a lot to look fabulous.
I got an e-mail from my mom this morning … I’ve worn a dress to work – last Wed, Thursday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, today! 🙂 Hooray!!  Thanks, Mom!!
*     *     *
Over the past couple of days, Atlanta has exploded in colors
Pinks and reds … 
… big blooms and small … 
… and purple … 
… lots of purple.
Some for fully open for the world to see … 
… some just starting to peep out.
Oh, and the trees of white … 
… has anyone ever seen trees this white before?
So fresh … so clean … 
For some reason I kept thinking about my wedding dress when I took these pictures.
I may or may not have been trespassing as I took some of these pictures … 
… I’m leaning towards may.
I couldn’t help it.  If you grow beautiful flowers in your yard you are practically asking someone with a dSLR to sneak onto your property and take pictures.
Yellow that shined as bright as the sun … the sun that shined us up to 75 degrees (!!) yesterday … simply spectacular.
Anybody else living in the middle of a rainbow right now?  I know Kari over at p.s. posted pictures of SNOW up in Colorado.  We cannot even fathom snow around here right now.

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

24 Mar
Have I mentioned I love Wear a Dress Tuesday?  Not only do Sarah and I have something that connects us (besides the 800 miles between Pennsylvania and Georgia), but now that we are getting other people to join in with us it makes the day so much more fun!!
Here are three of my friends from school that joined us today.  Beth, Sara and Sarah.  Our friend Stacey was also wearing a dress (well, a skirt), but she had class over at one of the other graduate schools and couldn’t be in the picture 😦 – next week, Stace!!
We were five giddy girls walking around in dresses and we definitely turned some heads.  People commented on what we were wearing and we happily told them that it was Wear a Dress Tuesday.  By the end of the day I had explained it to several people and hopefully got some new participants on board for next week!!
Sarah and one of the interns for the PR firm Sarah works for both partook in Wear a Dress Tuesday, as did a friend of ours who teaches in Havertown, Pennsylvania.  Yay!!
At the end of the day, I didn’t care that I was up until the wee hours of the morning working on papers last night.  I didn’t care that I was in class for most of the day and then worked late.  It was Wear a Dress Tuesday and it was a fabulous day!!
Will you join us next week?

Wear a Dress Tuesday

23 Mar

It’s Wear a Dress Tuesday!!

Click here to read a post I uploaded on mine and Sarah’s blog about why Wear a Dress Tuesday is more than just a dress.

Let me know if you are partaking and – if possible – send pictures!!