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Surrounded By Boxes And Drew Brees

30 Nov

Good morning!  Happy Wear a Dress Tuesday!

We are completely surrounded by boxes around here.

We didn’t need a living room floor, right?

The problem with packing up an apartment is that there really is no place to go with the boxes!  I’m trying to keep everything contained so that we’re not tripping over boxes all the time, but it’s starting to get complicated.

I woke up craving something sweet and filling this morning.  I really wanted waffles, but, alas, my waffle maker is packed.  Besides – the only cooking we’re doing is heating up leftovers and cleaning out the fridge right now.

I decided to make my typical PB bagel, but added some strawberry jam.  It was so delicious!  The jam melted into the peanut butter  and mmmmmm – it was delicious.

Coffee times two.  Or maybe three.

It’s another rainy day in Atlanta.  Apparently we are under a tornado watch?  Be careful out there everyone!


So I’m watching the 4th hour of the Today Show and they were just interviewing Drew Brees, the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.  Sports Illustrated recently named him Sportsman of the Year.  Remember this picture?

Tick tock tick tock … 
He just seems like a genuinely good guy.  It is really nice to see a phenomenal athlete show such a good sense of sportsmanship and family values.  Agreed?  It’s rare these days.
Alright, I’m off – have a great day!

My Atlanta Bucket List (Food Edition Part 2)

30 Nov

You have no idea how nice it is to be writing this post to be read by actual PEOPLE!  After I hit publish on my morning post, I spent the next three hours with this view …

I was on my gmail phone trying to get internet set up at the Connecticut house.  Who knew it would be so complicated?  I spent the first hour either talking to an automated person or on hold.

Side note – yelling at the automated phone person doesn’t help.  It confuses them and makes the process take longer.

Automated Person:  Please tell me your 10 digit account number.
Me:  I don’t have one.
Automated Person:  I am sorry.  Can you repeat that?
Me:  I Don’t Have One!
Automated Person:  I am sorry.  I am having a hard time understanding you.
Automated Person:  Let’s start over.

Three hours later, I think we have internet set up at the house!  My order is being processed, whatever that means.

By the time the internet debacle was over, it was time for lunch!  We had one more serving of Thanksgiving leftovers left, so I washed some romaine and made another Thanksgiving Day Leftover Salad.

Mmmmmmmmm.  These are so good, I’m actually kind of sad all of the leftovers are gone.  I think I’m going to force my parents to host a big Christmas dinner so I can bring home the leftovers next month.

I love salads.  Like – literally love them.  As I was getting this ready this afternoon, I was thinking that one day I want to write a salad cookbook – 150 ways to dress up romaine lettuce or something like that.  Salads are just such a simple and delicious way to eat a hearty meal and still get fresh veggies in.  And I love it when the toppings are warm and the fresh veggies are cold and crispy.  The juxtaposition of flavors and textures are incredible.

I wasn’t scheduled to work today, so after lunch I buckled down and packed.  We had a bunch of half-packed boxes that were driving me crazy, so I finished those off and filled up the rest of the empty ones we had on hand.

Sadly, it was time to pack up all of my earrings so I could pack the frames and spackle the holes (remember when Bruce and I DIY’d Goodwill frames into earring storage?).

I’m temporarily storing all of my earrings in a lined box.  I anticipate it being something of a puzzle to untangle them.

I couldn’t help myself.  I put my finisher’s medal from the Atlanta Half Marathon in the box.  I don’t want it to get lost in the move!

Bruce came home and we decided to go to Maddio’s for dinner.  We normally don’t eat out this much, but it is our last week in Atlanta and we’re trying to treat ourselves to some local places that we won’t get to eat at soon.  Plus, Maddio’s does an awesome “Maddio’s Monday” special and it was our last chance to have it together.

I love the atmosphere at Maddio’s.  You custom order your pizza at a toppings bar and then sit while it goes through the oven.  They bring it right to you!  It’s also a great study or hangout spot – they’ve got TVs and wifi!

Date night!

That’s amore!  Totally date-night friendly, because you can get individual sized pizzas and don’t have to agree on toppings.

Individual pizza toppings.  The secret to a happy marriage.

We both got whole wheat crust, regular tomato sauce and mozzarella.

Cheddar cheese, onion and bacon for him …

… and ham, pineapple and chicken for her.  I ate a little over half and took the rest home with me.  Tomorrow’s lunch!

I didn’t let myself drink diet coke for the last two weeks before the half marathon and I am totally making up for it now!  I keep telling myself I need to cut the diet coke from my life, but it is not going to happen in the midst of the move.

We are home now curled up in front of this …


Isn’t this a cool picture?  I was using a slow shutter speed to capture the movement in the flame and happened to snap the photo when something popped and sent sparks flying.  The slow shutter speed captured the trail of the sparks.  I’m pretty sure I couldn’t do that again if I tried.

I hope your night is as cozy!  Goodnight all!

A Dreary Atlanta Morning

29 Nov

Good morning!  Dreary day in Atlanta.

(Are you all tired of seeing the view from my balcony yet?  I think my neighbors are starting to wonder why I’m always taking pictures out there.)

So dreary that Chesley McNeil, the Atlanta NBC-affiliate Weatherman, gave today a 4 (out of 11) on the wizometer.  Boo.

Coffee and bagels this morning.

I’m trying to finish up the bagels and bread we managed to stockpile over the past week or so – I don’t want to move it!

Speaking of moving …

The cabinets are starting to empty out.

What, exactly, can you make out of rice, tomato soup, tuna and ramen noodle?  Oh my.

Most of the mugs and glasses are packed.  I’ll probably leave one or two out for the week and pack the rest today.

Bruce left me another note this morning.

I love him.

A lot.

Have a great day everyone.  xoxo

My Atlanta Bucket List (Food Edition)

28 Nov

Mission:  Eat at Everybody’s (in Emory Village) one more time before we pack up.


I know this is a pizza place, but I absolutely love Everybody’s salads.  I always order a small and they are huge!

Yes, that’s a SMALL.

I ordered the organic mixed greens with roma tomatoes, chicken, bacon and cheddar cheese.

Drizzled with some ranch dressing.  And my favorite part?

Everybody’s serves crackers with their salads!  I love crumbling them up and putting them on the top.

I’m starting to feel really anxious about the move.  I haven’t gotten the internet set up at the house yet (luckily the other utilities are already set up because it had been on the market) and I need to call and cancel our services down here.  I also need to go to the bank and get a check for our apartment complex to pay our final month’s rent and figure out when we can do the final walk through.  Bruce leaves (with all of our stuff) a week from yesterday, so time is really starting to tick.  Honestly, I think I’m just ready for this week to be over so we can start implementing all of the things we’ve been thinking about for three months.  The goodbyes have started and the anticipation is driving me crazy.  Time to take some deep breaths.

Say a prayer?


My First Attempt At Piping

28 Nov
Not perfect, but fun!

Next time I think need to cut the hole of the bag a little bit bigger.  Anybody else have suggestions?  I’m an amateur piper. 🙂

p.s. Thank you Ver for your vlog on how to pipe icing and Emily for the suggestion of using a ziplock bag to pipe so I didn’t have to hike out to Michaels to get decorating supplies!

My Atlanta Bucket List

27 Nov

As soon as we made the decision to move north, Bruce and I started a list of things we wanted to do in or around Atlanta before we left.  On the top of my list?  Hike Stone Mountain first thing in the morning to watch the sunrise.

Earlier in the week, I realized it was now or never – Bruce leaves a week from today!  So our alarms went off at 5:30 this morning, we bundled up in anticipation of the 33 degree morning and headed east towards the mountain.
Here is what we didn’t anticipate.  THE WIND!  Wooooooeeeeeeee!  As I was crankily huffing and puffing up the mountain, cursing the cold, wind and elevation (and myself for even having the idea to begin with), I yelled to Bruce (since it was so windy we had to yell in order to hear one another), “I just ran a half marathon – shouldn’t I be in better shape than this?!”  However … 
… it was totally worth it.
We got to the top with about 45 seconds to spare and saw the most gorgeous red sunrise I have ever seen in my entire life.  It was magical.  Proof to me that God exists.
After about 15 minutes, both of our hands were frozen, so we packed up and headed down the mountain.  I cannot put into words how windy it was up there!  Once we got off the top and into the trees, we had something of a shield, but WOW.  It was cut-through-your-layers-of-clothing-to-your-skin-cold up there.
I snapped this when we were about halfway down the mountain.  Look how pretty the skyline looks with all of the fall colors!
We were almost down to the bottom when we veered off on another trail.  We ended up coming out about 0.50 mile from our car, so we had a nice flat and paved end to our hike.
And we got to cross this beauty on our way to the street.  Good thing the train wasn’t running yet!
Once back home, we were hungry for something hearty.

Bacon, Egg & Cheese on a Whole Wheat Bagel?  Yes, please!

Yum.  Hit the spot.
Alright, time for this girl to get going!  Bruce is up at work doing something to his truck and I promised to have more of the kitchen packed (sniff) when he gets home.  Let the chaos ensue!

Thanksgiving Day Leftover Salad

26 Nov

Well, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve had an extremely unproductive day.  Unless you count watching On Demand reruns of 19 Kids And Counting and Keeping Up With The Kardashians to be productive.  I do not.

Something tells me Bruce won’t either.

Let’s shift the subject away from my laziness and talk about something much more appetizing, shall we?  Thanksgiving Day Leftovers!  Giada was on the Today Show this morning talking about what to do – beyond the classic Turkey Sandwich – with Thanksgiving Day Leftovers.

Of course Giada prepared an elaborate feast.  Half of my kitchen is packed – an elaborate feast is not a possibility.  But I did create something delicious, healthy and ridiculously easy!

Thanksgiving Day Leftover Salad.

What’s that?  The Hallelujah* Chorus?  I thought so.

Here’s what I did.

I put all of my leftovers (turkey, peas and stuffing) on foil-covered tray and into our toaster oven on 300 degrees for about 20 minutes.  During the last five minutes I added whole wheat rolls that I had cut into cubes.  They weren’t as crunchy or flavorful as croutons, but they had a nice crispiness them.

And you don’t need the flavor in the bread for this salad.  It comes from the turkey and the stuffing.

While everything was warming and crisping up, I washed and chopped some romaine lettuce and vine tomatoes.  I was kind of wishing I had some cucumbers!  Those would have been an awesome addition. I sliced the turkey and then added everything on top of the lettuce.

And gave it a light drizzle with ranch dressing.  It was delicious.

This was such a great way for me to enjoy the leftovers, but still get in some fresh veggies.  My poor body needs a break from all of the carbs!  I was able to eat smaller portions of everything else, but with the huge pile of romaine, still had a nice, full meal.

What do you all do with your Thanksgiving Day leftovers?  My mom makes a casserole and freezes it.  It’s delicious, but I’m trying to clean OUT my freezer, not add more stuff. 🙂 I think if I had a full kitchen, I would make my mother-in-law’s pie crust and make a Thanksgiving Day Leftover Pie.

Yum.  Now I want that.  Can someone please do that and tell me how it is?  Her crust recipe is here.  That would be awesome, thanks.

Have a great night everyone!  I’m off to have dinner with Bruce and a friend of his from work – I’m trying to convince myself that I won’t fall over in pain if I put a pair of heels on.  Wish me luck!

*Three years of seminary and I still need spell check to tell me how to spell “Hallelujah”.