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5 Oct

My blog has been lacking something in a big way lately.

Heyyyy, remember when I use to run on a regular basis?

(Five miles in the pouring rain – epic.)

(Aww, all those pictures were taken in my old apartment in Atlanta …)

Anyway, the point is that I have fallen off of the bandwagon out of my running shoes in a bad way lately.  After I crossed the finish line last November, I threw myself headfirst into the world of search & call, which lead to a call, which lead to ordination, which lead to the first six months of ordained ministry (whoaaa, six months already), which led to me sitting in my office with a parishioner today having the following conversation:

Parishioner: You still running?
Me: Welllllll …
Parishioner: No!
Me: I’ve been terrible lately, I have completely fallen out of the habit – I feel like I don’t have the time!
Parishioner: Come on, Sarah – you can’t do that!  The longer you wait the harder it will be for you to get back into it!

Never mind the fact that this particular person is in his late 70’s (I think) and could probably still run circles around me.  And also never mind the fact that the only “fitness” routine I have these days is forcing myself into a few yoga poses before I go to bed.

Okay, point taken.  I went for a run today.

Sort of.  I know I haven’t really run any significant distance since I moved here, so I am going to start small and creep myself up again.  Today I ran one mile (10:40) and walked one mile (17:06).  It wasn’t as painful as I thought it was going to be, though I could tell I hadn’t eaten enough in the morning and had zero energy.

I am currently trying not to remind myself of the fact that a little less than a year ago I ran 13.1 miles.


Okay, consider this my public declaration to put the “Fitness” back into “Food, Faith Fitness, Photography, Fun”.  Wish me luck!

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