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London Fog

28 Feb

It’s been FOGGY today!

Kind of feels like we’re floating on a cloud!

Even though it wasn’t cold per se (52 degrees!), Bruce thought it would be cozy on a dreary day to light a fire.  We haven’t had one in awhile!

Bruce had to work early this morning (like – leave at 4:45 kind of early), so when he came home he was starving and made a huge batch of tuna.  He added hard boiled eggs and made his own relish to give the salad a sweet kick!

Yes, he made his own relish!  Seriously, sometimes I think he should be writing THIS blog and not and outdoors one.

We made sandwiches.  I piled tonnns of tuna on mine.  Thick sandwiches remind me of something you’d get at a deli, agreed?

I realize it’s after 5 and I’m only posting about lunch, but it’s been one of those days.  All good things, I promise!



I had someone ask on facebook, so I thought I’d answer over here too.  Once we get our team put together for the CT Breast Health Initiative 2011 Race in the Park, we will put together a website that people can donate through.  I’m really excited about the race this year.  We can’t erase the heartache of the past, but we can honor those we lost and fight to prevent future losses.

Free Car Wash Anyone?

28 Feb

Morning all!

Before I forget (because I have been known to), the second part of my series on women and friendships is up and cranking at Girl Talk – check it out here!

It is absolutely POURING here today, but rather than complain about the dreary day, I turned lemons into lemonade and pulled my car out of the garage …

Rain = Free Car Wash.  Score.

I was giddily excited about my breakfast this morning!  My mom had a couple of muffins leftover from Saturday’s workshop and she offered me one as I was leaving her house yesterday.  I took a coffee cake one!  Costco muffins are amazing.

I cut mine in half, threw it in the toaster oven and toasted it to “medium-dark”.

It was PERFECT.  Crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside.  Not burnt!

And the butter that I topped it with instantly melted.

What a delicious way to start my morning!


My friend Amanda and I are putting together a team from our church to run in the CT Breast Health Initiative’s 2011 Race In The Park.  Any of my CT blog friends running the race?  Church friends – if you are interested in being part of the team, please let me know!  We run in honor of Carol Conklin and Lynn Redgrave.

Have a great day everyone!