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House Updates

5 Aug

I had a fun vlog post in mind for this evening involving me, my iPhone video camera and how I make egg sandwiches.  But I got to the part of the video where I had to crack the egg with one hand (Bruce wasn’t home to take the video for me so I had the phone in one hand) and I failed.  Miserably.  Broken yolk and egg shells everywhere, including in the hot pan in the middle of my dinner.

So I scrapped the filming.

And made dinner with TWO hands.

But since that doesn’t make for a very interesting blog post, I thought I’d snap some photos of some house-related progress we made today!

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but we’ve lived in a house with two full bathrooms for over four months without getting a second shower curtain and making use of the second shower!  We bought this one at tar-jay today and moved our other one (light brown, super boring) to the bathroom that we don’t use as often.  Then we got rid of all of the bathmats (brought them to the other bathroom as well) and picked up this neat wooden one and are going to go without rugs for the time being.

Even though the color is darker and richer, the room is brightened up a lot!

And onto the guest room …

That mirror is formerly a multi-colored grungy looking mirror.  I gave it a quick coat of white spray paint today and voila!

As for these photos – this was a frustrating DIY project turned awesome. 

I had two cheap plastic ugly green frames that I hated and wanted to paint.  But because of the plastic material, the spray paint wasn’t taking right away.  My initial plan was to buff the first two coats and hope that the third coat would stick after the buffing – but I realized that as I buffed, the paint chipped away and an antique-y look emerged!

I covered everything with a clear coat of spray paint (which stuck on the first try – so the buffing worked!), printed two black and whites of mine and crossed my fingers it would look good.  And I love it!

I have an exciting evening of NCIS re-runs planned for tonight.  Exciting, right?  Ha.


S-S-S-Spray Painting!

22 Jun

Do you remember this picture?

Taken just after we moved in of the kitchen. I cringed when I posted it because I was horrified that we hadn’t done anything with our table and $4 chairs that I vowed to work on at the beginning of January.

Well, here we are nearly three months later and I still hadn’t done anything with the chairs and it was driving me crazy!  I had grand plans to take everything apart, sand, paint and reupholster, but then realized that I really don’t have the time for that and opted for $12 worth of black spray paint …


Ignore the awful quality of the iPhone photo snapped at night – it looks better, agreed?

I can’t wait to put a bright table runner on it and some candles!  It’s going to look great!

Painting Projects

20 Jun

It’s been one of those mornings!  Phones ringing, chiming, beeping and all of a sudden it’s 10:30 and I’ve only crossed two things off of my to-do list.  AHHHHHHHH!

I feel better.

Take a look at one of my Sunday projects!

Old Stool (broken, can’t be sit on, seen better days) + White Spray Paint + Beautiful Lighthouse (made for us by a church member) = 

The most beautiful accent to our guest room ever!  I love it.  The lighthouse is technically a birdhouse, but I didn’t want to put it outside!

I didn’t really have time for breakfast this morning, but knew it was important if I wanted to make it through the day (three cheers for food blogging holding me accountable for eating breakfast!).

Pretty garden in the distance!

Anybody else having a crazy manic Monday?  I’m off!

Master Bedroom Progress

9 May

This was a fabulous idea.

Loaded baked potatoes for dinner!  Baked potatoes are definitely worthy of being an entree – not just a side dish.

I was out running errands while the potatoes were cooking, but I know Bruce seasoned them with salt and Old Bay (!) before he baked them – and then baked them at 400 degrees.  I’m not sure for how long …

I loaded mine with:

  • Butter
  • Sea Salt & Pepper
  • Chili
  • Diced Tomatoes
  • Cheddar Cheese

I couldn’t find chives at the grocery store!  That would have been a nice touch.

Speaking of nice touch … here’s a sneak peak at what we’ve been up to since we got home from church today:

This was our master bedroom on move in day.  Brightly painted peach color and textured wallpaper.

 Not really our style.

Bruce has been hard at work stripping wallpaper, spackling and sanding all week so today we were able to buy our paint and get both coats on! 

We decided – on a few recommendations – to try Behr’s new paint & primer in one and were very please with the results.  We rolled on two coats and you really can’t see the watermelon pink that once adorned the walls.  Amazing.

Unfortunately, the before photos were taken with daylight and these were taken just now in terrible lighting – but you get the idea.  Much warmer – but not too dark!  The color was Behr’s ‘Coriander Seed’ if anyone is curious.

I will hopefully get better pictures in the daylight.  I’m excited to put the room together!

Scarf Progress

27 Feb


I forgot how relaxing knitting can be.  I love the repetitive motion, the feeling of the yarn moving through my fingers and the instantly gratifying results of watching a project grow.

I love the colors in this scarf.  I have been inspired by the bold color choices Young House Love has been making on their new house and have been trying to integrate colors like that into my life as well.  Bold = Beautiful.  In colors and in life.

I should be done tomorrow!

Night all. 🙂

A List

25 Feb

1. It’s been pouring all day.

2. Because of #1 I’ve been resisting the urge to run around in the rain.

3. Also because of #1 I have been watching One Tree Hill reruns all day.  I think my brain needed a break.  Although I am a good multi-tasker – so the day hasn’t been a complete loss, productivity-wise.

4. Bruce made me lunch today.  He’s pretty much the best husband ever.

5. That was our last can of tuna.  All we have left to eat at this point is peanut butter & jelly and an assortment of leftovers that probably aren’t good anymore.  I should probably go to the grocery store.

6. Have I mentioned lately that I live 15 minutes from the nearest grocery store?  There are some parts of city life that I miss.  Convenience is one of them.

7. I wish I could hire someone to do my grocery shopping for me.

8. My amazingly-talented husband etched a Wear a Dress Tuesday glass for me!  Coolest gift EVER!

9. Because of #1 I decided to knit myself a scarf.

9. I’m hoping that the fact that I’m making myself a scarf will jinx the weather and spring will come.

10. In the time that it took me to write this blog post it stopped pouring rain and started pouring snow.  I need to stop talking about the weather.

More Presents!

12 Feb

Oh my goodness!  I have the most amazing friends ever!  First I get a package from Ten Thousand Village via Sarah and then today a mysterious amazon package shows up from Sara!

(I have a lot of friends named Sara(h).  You get used to it.)

Want to know what was in this package?  Well – do you remember this post where I made a kitchen wish list?  She got me the Primo Digital Scale off of the list!  And it’s RED!

I love my friends.  Love them.

Anyway, thank you for all of your kind comments on my DIY place mats! I made a couple of more and I’m really happy with the way they all turned out …

I had enough of the fabric to actually make two of some of them, but I was running out of the tape so I stuck with one for now.

It will be fun to have some variety in my photographs now.  Check out this tutorial over at Young House Love to learn more about the tape.

My mom and I were out running errands today and we went to Panera for dinner!

I got a “pick 2”, with half of a Thai Chopped Chicken Salad and a bread bowl with Chicken Noodle Soup.

The salad is new and it is DELICIOUS!  The dressing has a nice spice to it that I’d love to replicate sometime.

And the bread bowl was (as always!) deliciously filling.

Has anyone ever attempted to make their own bread bowl at home?  I can’t imagine it’s that difficult …

I came home and decided to try out one of my new place mats with some dessert!  Bruce made my dad’s Peanut Butter Pie the other day so I cut myself a nice-sized piece.

Mmm.  Night all.  Only two more hours until I’m 26!