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Awesome Combinations

10 Aug

Wear A Dress Tuesday + Vacation Bible School?

Yes, please!

Beatrice is teaching at VBS this week and she and her daughters were all supporting Wear a Dress Tuesday today!  I had a hard time being patient and waiting for VBS to be over for the day so that we could take the picture … 

Sara + Baby celebrated Wear a Dress Tuesday!  I’m pretty sure Baby Boy loves celebrating Wear a Dress Tuesday. 🙂


Let’s see … what else did I do today?  I worked.  A lot. 

I guest posted over at Musings of a Counselor!

And then Bruce made BBQ Grilled Chicken for dinner …

Those green beans are from the garden!

Speaking of the garden, our second crop of lettuce is starting to sprout!  I cannot wait to start pulling that again.  I think I am going to try to harvest as much spinach as possible so I can freeze it.  Any tips?


One final note – I was working on our church website this evening with a church member / html extraordinaire when we stumbled upon a “check-in” facebook for the church and realized we could take it over and create a fan page – so we did!  Check out the Rehoboth Congregational Church Facebook Page here.

That’s all I’ve got – I think I am going to zone out in front of NCIS reruns for the night.  My brain needs a break!

Night all!

Guest Post: My Sweet Husband!

22 Jul

I am so excited – the other night Bruce was making dinner while I was working downstairs at my desk when he came down to get my camera.  He documented the whole process and asked (HE asked ME!) to write a guest post about it!  Take it away, hubster … 


The other night, Sarah posted a picture of the dinner I made but did not do her normal write up about it.

I am doing the write up and I am going to try my hardest to be as good as Sarah.

Earlier that day I was in the garden picking green beans and peas when I had an idea for dinner.  Sarah got home about an hour after she said would (which is really good because some days  her 2 o’clock is more like 5 o’clock) and I told her that I would be making dinner.  We spent some time in the garden and before we went in the house to get out if the heat I dug up these.

Our first batch of red potatoes!

They are new red potatoes (called new potatoes because they are picked early and therefore are small) and new potatoes are wonderful halved and drowned in butter.  So this was the center piece of for the meal I planned in the garden.  I am not sure how many chefs center their meal around potatoes and the grill but that is what I was planning to do.

To do these potatoes on the grill I halved them and put them on our smallest cast iron skillet with about 3 tbs or butter.  Then I seasoned them with garlic powder (I would have used real but we didn’t have any) salt and dried rosemary.

When you are grilling you need to think about direct heat and indirect heat.  If you are cooking potatoes and butter on a cast iron and you do not want to make your grill a smoke bomb, you need to heat this up indirectly.  To do this I lit the two outside burners then put the pan in the middle and shut the grill lid..  The potatoes went on the grill first and came off last. When I shut the lid the temp was about 300 degrees and I did not touch them for 15 to 20 minutes.  After that time I opened the lid and re-seasoned and started working on the chicken.

For the chicken I wanted to add taste but I didn’t have time to marinate and did not think BBQ would go with rosemary potatoes.  So I made a glaze using olive oil, rosemary, cumin, a splash of banana pepper juice and another splash of dry red wine.  I mixed it together and used it as a glaze on the chicken as I slowly cooked it.

So to round this meal off I took some freshly picked, cut and cleaned green beans and put them in with the potatoes.  The meal was good and though it does not sound simple it is.    


Didn’t my sweet husband do a great job, both with dinner and with blogging?!  It is so fun to try out each other’s hobbies!  Bruce’s blog, Outfitted For Life, is busy as usual with outdoorsy stuff!

I hope you’re staying cool! xoxo

Reviewing My Excitement

14 Mar

So many wonderful things to share this afternoon!  Excitement #1 – The fine folks over at CSN have asked me to do another review with them!  I have worked with them before and been blessed with the opportunity to grow my kitchen, but did you know they have more than just kitchen loot?  Everything from furniture to LCD TV Stands to pet toys to … well … everything!

I’m excited to be reviewing these two sets of Rachael Ray Bubble & Brown Ramekin sets.  I actually don’t have any ramekins and I think they will be really helpful for me as I continue to figure out how to cook for two!

Excitement #2 – I’m guest posting for Cat over at Budget Blonde today!  Care to guess what I’m blogging about? Why, Wear a Dress Tuesday of course! 🙂 Check out the post here.

Excitement #3 – Lunch was delicious.

Bruce bought a ton of soup while I was under the weather so I made a bowl of chicken & rice today.

I added some finely grated sharp cheddar cheese and crushed up saltines.

Wonderful additions!

Served with a mocktail made up of cranberry juice and ginger ale.  Refreshing!

I’m off to get some more work done before Bruce and I head over to the school to help my dad.  Four days until opening night of Drowsy Chaperone!

Anything exciting going on with you today?

Free Car Wash Anyone?

28 Feb

Morning all!

Before I forget (because I have been known to), the second part of my series on women and friendships is up and cranking at Girl Talk – check it out here!

It is absolutely POURING here today, but rather than complain about the dreary day, I turned lemons into lemonade and pulled my car out of the garage …

Rain = Free Car Wash.  Score.

I was giddily excited about my breakfast this morning!  My mom had a couple of muffins leftover from Saturday’s workshop and she offered me one as I was leaving her house yesterday.  I took a coffee cake one!  Costco muffins are amazing.

I cut mine in half, threw it in the toaster oven and toasted it to “medium-dark”.

It was PERFECT.  Crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside.  Not burnt!

And the butter that I topped it with instantly melted.

What a delicious way to start my morning!


My friend Amanda and I are putting together a team from our church to run in the CT Breast Health Initiative’s 2011 Race In The Park.  Any of my CT blog friends running the race?  Church friends – if you are interested in being part of the team, please let me know!  We run in honor of Carol Conklin and Lynn Redgrave.

Have a great day everyone!

Guest Posting

6 Dec

Good Monday morning!  We are almost packed and ready to hit the road.

Today I am so excited because I am guest posting over at Girl Talk, a fun blog that gives girls the freedom to – well – be girls!  I love the concept of the blog, because while I think I’m finally in a place where I am comfortable and confident in who I am, it has taken awhile.  A community of support like Laura and Lindsey have created is such a wonderful thing for women.

I am posting about (what else?) Wear a Dress Tuesday!  You can read the post here.  Let me know what you think!

FYI – I am turning returning all of my Comcast router-y things this afternoon, so I will be completely checked out for a couple of days on here while my mom and I make the trip north and I get the internet set up.  Follow me on twitter if you want to check in and please pray for us (and Lilly!) as we journey north.  Apparently Mother Nature dropped 3 1/2 inches of snow in northwest Connecticut last night?  Oh myyyy.

Also – tomorrow is WADT!  I won’t be able to post, but I’m going to need to feel the WADT love.  Let’s make it a great one, friends!

Love to all, xoxo

Sunday Style

12 Nov

Good morning!  I am absolutely giddy this morning because one of my favorite blogging friends, Leslie, is guest-posting for me this morning!  Leslie blogs at A Blonde Ambition and her blog is full of fashion, style, the latest trends and so much more.  She has also been featured in several magazines and blogs!
I asked Leslie if she would be willing to do a guest post on church fashion for me.  Let’s face it – I will be spending the rest of my life wearing a black robe during worship services, so I am not the best person for advice on this subject!  But I do think that part of living a balanced life (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) is feeling good about yourself on the inside AND out.  That is, after all, what Wear a Dress Tuesday is all about!

In other words … It is okay to worship God in cute shoes.

Alright, I am going to shush up and leave this to the expert.  I will be back later for your regularly scheduled blog-programming.  Take it away Leslie!


First of all, I’d like to thank sweet Sarah for letting me “guest” post for you all today! Sarah and I have been bloggy friends for quite some time now and hers was one of the very first blogs I started following when I entered the ‘sphere.

Sarah recently came to me with the idea of doing a post about church style; what to wear, how to wear it and how to create stylish but conservative ensembles appropriate for worship and I thought it was such a great topic!

The holidays are fast approaching and many churches (including mine) have many different kinds of Christmas events, dinners and services. Styling for the holidays can be a bit tricky, since you definitely want to avoid looking like a disco ball at the Christmas cantata. Here are a few tips for coming up with a great, festive outfit for church:

  • Avoid heavy embellishments and excessive jewelry for holiday services and church; I usually stick to one or two items of jewelry at church. When in doubt, a simple pair of pearl earrings or studs can add just enough shine to an outfit. Also, look for small doses of detailing. The dress below from Ruche is a great example of the perfect balance of conservative/stylish with a simple patch of sequins perfectly placed on the shoulder.
  • Feel free to wear as much red during the holidays as you want, just make sure it’s the RIGHT shade. Garish hues like bright cherry or fire engine red are too distracting. Instead, opt for shades of garnet, brick and ruby, which are much classier and won’t have you looking like a tree ornament. The coat below will do nicely.
  • Invest in the perfect, winter coat for use during the holidays and the cold months following. My favorite is the classic pea coat done in a striking winter white. A coat like the one below is gorgeous over any outfit and looks clean and polished.

Other tips for dressing stylishly for church, during the holidays or not:

  • Keep the height of the heel under 3 to 3 ½ inches. As much as I love my skyscraper-tall stilettos, I prefer keeping church heels a little more conservative. Another great church footwear option is a slouchy boot with a moderate heel. This look is not only super chic, but also very comfy for those cold treks to morning worship.

  • Tights are your BFF this winter at church. Invest in 2-3 pairs of tights in neutral colors and wear them under long tunic style tops and dresses for a fashion forward approach to covering up.

  • Dressing for church doesn’t mean you have to look like a school marm. Look for visually interesting details like a cute brooch or ruffled trim on a dress or top to add flavor to worship-appropriate attire.

Some of my favorite places to shop for my church clothes:
Ann Taylor Loft
Victoria’s Secret

(Sidenote: Contrary to what you may be thinking V.S. actually has some very affordable and adorable options for office and church clothing…check em’ out online, you might be shocked to learn that the lingerie giant is also pretty crafty in the clothing department!)

Once again, thanks so much for stopping by today and a big, blonde thank you to Sarah for letting me crash at her place today!

Be blessed, lovelies-


Guest Blogger – Right vs. Wrong

2 Oct
I am excited for two reasons today – first of all it’s Friday (!!) and second of all I have a special guest blogger bringing a message to you all today!!!!!
Let me tell you about this awesome blogger.  Sarah and I met our freshmen year of college – we lived on the same hall, Paisley 3.  We bonded over our love of showtunes, Gilmore Girls and veggie wraps and have been friends ever since.
After we graduated from Ursinus, Sarah went on to American University to get her masters and now works for a small PR firm in southeast Pennsylvania.  She and I co-author a blog here.
Oh – and now that I’ve changed my name, we’re practically the same person.  I’m not even joking.  Both of our names start with Sarah Elizabeth We_ _ _ _  AND our last names both have four additional letters after the “We.”  Strange, right?
So … Enjoy a new perspective!!

Hi! I’m Sarah. Not your regularly scheduled Sarah, but a Sarah all the same. Anyway, I asked Sarah if I could guest post on her blog and she graciously said yes!

Lately, she and I have been discussing the concept of “doing the right thing.” You know the whole what would Jesus do in this situation thing.

I recently had a choice about what action to take and, after a lot of deliberation, I chose to do what I considered to be the “right” thing. Certainly not the easy thing, but the right thing. And, it has been less than delightful. In fact, it’s usually less than delightful for me whenever I choose to do the right thing.

So, I’ve been all “I’m never doing the right thing again! Whose awful idea was this?!” (Unfortunately, mine). But, I suppose that’s how it goes when you’re trying to do what’s right – a lot of times it is really difficult. It doesn’t typically reap any sort of direct benefit, except for other people.

But, it’s not about what you get from it personally. You have to just be satisfied knowing that you made the right choice instead of taking the easy way out. That has to be your reward: knowing you are a responsible adult who isn’t selfishly motivated. Self satisfaction.

Then, you just hope that karma will take care of everything eventually.