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On Cats, Busy Days & Italian Food

29 Jun

There is a chance I’m becoming a crazy cat lady.

But seriously, how cute it she?

When she gives me this look I always wonder what kind of trouble she is getting herself into.

Anyway, how was your day?  Mine was insanely busy, but also insanely productive.  And it was Wear A Dress Tuesday, so who’s complaining?

I was doing some work with a church member over dinner tonight and I thought it would be fun for me to cook at home.

I started with fresh greens from the garden

… and added onions, radishes, some tomatoes that I bought at the grocery store and almonds I had in the pantry. I ❤ garden salads!

My house was still so hot from the afternoon sun when I turned the stove on, but it was SO worth it!  Spaghetti & Meatballs totally hit the spot.

That’s amore!


On The Road Again …

9 Jun

And someone isn’t happy about it.

See you when we arrive at our destination!

It’s A Cat’s Life

1 Jun

Lilly loves the new carpets!

I’m not going to lie – I did the same thing last night.

Whole Wheat Bagel + Peanut Butter + Almonds.  Mmm.

I’m off!

When The Sun Shines The World Smiles

21 May

Lilly says “Rarr!”

Or she says, “The sun is out and it’s time for a nap.”  You choose!


I had an absolutely glorious day off.  The sun came out and I couldn’t help but be in a good mood!

I actually did a lot of work on my sermon.  This week’s text is a little bit tricky and required a lot of research (I took this photo in the office yesterday).  Because I’ll be at a conference most of the day tomorrow I wanted to get through as much of it today as possible.  I’m almost done!  I really don’t mind working on my day off when I get to do it in front of Buffy reruns. 🙂

Bruce worked around the house for most of the morning and then headed out to go fishing.  On his way out he said, “Work on your sermon while I’m gone so you’re free tonight – I want to take my wife out on a date!”  He’s sweet.

We decided on TGIFridays – just wanted something simple!  We started with chips & salsa (free with their new rewards program!) …

… and ordered the largest plate of nachos I have ever seen in my entire life!

I ordered the California Club, which was absolutely huuuuuge.  I took an entire half home and left a couple of bites of the other half!

Now I’m home going through my email and thinking through my children’s sermon.  And enjoying a tiny bit of ice cream and some vanilla tea!

Anyone have any fun plans for tomorrow?

The Cat Caught A Mouse!

18 Apr

I can’t believe I forgot to tell you all this story!  Perhaps the funniest thing to happen in the parsonage so far.

Here’s some back story – the day after we moved in one of our church members came over to go with Bruce to drop off the UHAUL.  As they were getting ready to leave, he thought he saw a mouse run behind the fridge.  Not all that surprising – we kind of live in the country, it had been chilly when we moved and we had doors open all day.  We meant to get traps, but didn’t see/hear/sense it around after that day and assumed it found its way out.

Fast forward to yesterday.  After a long day Bruce and I collapsed on the couch in the media room and completely zoned out in front of the TV.  At one point we heard a cat-related crashed.  We looked at each other and I asked if we were curious enough to get up and investigate.  We both agreed not.  But then there was another crash – that peaked our interest.  So we both got up and walked over to the other side of the basement where the noise had come from.

Bruce was in front of me and all of a sudden looked at me and said, “You leave, I’ll take care of it!”  At that moment I caught a glimpse of Lilly with the mystery mouse in her mouth.  I ran back to the couch and heard a couple of mini crashes.  “Did you get it?”  I’m not sure I wanted to know the answer!  “I don’t know how to get Lilly to drop it!” Bruce yelled back.  So I walked back, watched Lilly drop the mouse, pick it up again when it tried to run away and then run up the stairs with it still in her mouth.

So here’s the picture painted for you:  Lilly chasing a mouse.  Bruce chasing Lilly.  Me chasing Bruce.  The entire thing was hysterical to me and I’m not sure why.

Eventually we cornered Lilly under the table and she dropped the mouse long enough for me to grab her and Bruce to trap the mouse with a broom.  I took Lilly downstairs and Bruce chased the mouse outside.

And then Bruce came running down the stairs yelling, “THE CAT CAUGHT A MOUSE THE CAT CAUGHT A MOUSE SHE FINALLY MADE HERSELF USEFUL!”

Just another Sunday night in the parsonage.


Speaking of the parsonage …

Good news!  Bruce borrowed a rototiller (thanks John!) and started clearing for his vegetable garden this afternoon!

More good news!  I learned how to spell rototiller!

This garden is going to be large.  As long as the first clearing and as wide as the rototiller to where Bruce is standing.  Stay tuned for more posts on what he’s planting, how he’s arranging everything and how he is going to collect rainwater so we’re not having to waste water!

Lunch was late.  Hence why I’m posting about it at 7:30 and haven’t eaten dinner yet!  It’s just been one of those days … 

A couple of us decided to grab some dinner after the show last night.  There was a Chinese restaurant down the street that was amaaaazing.  The prices were reasonable and the portions were huge!  We took so much food home – I heated up a big bowl of chicken fried rice for lunch.

Anybody else have a cat hunter?  I’m oddly proud of her right now …

You Can Buy A Cat A $40 Bed …

14 Apr

… and she’ll fall asleep in a basket.

I’m not sure what else to say about this.


Yesterday’s rain left everything damp and clean this morning.  I’m already obsessively checking the 10 day forecast for Easter Sunday to see whether or not we’ll need a rain plan for the Sunrise Service.

The Head Start Preschoolers are having a “hop-a-thon” today to raise money for pediatric cancer research.  They are all wearing bunny ears and hopping around the church parking lot, their classrooms and my office!

Happy Birthday Husband!

2 Apr

Wishing my sweet husband a happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Bruce!  Thank you for being willing to walk, jog, skip and hike with me on this adventure called life.  I love you!

And guess what?!  I got you a house full of boxes to open as a present!

Lilly has recovered from the car ride and found “her” spot in the house – the picture window!  I had a feeling she would love it.  It looks out on the front yard (and the animals across the street!).

Good news – we located the coffee, the coffee grinder and the coffee maker.  Everything else is secondary as far as I’m concerned.

We snacked on these delicious blueberry muffins this morning while staring at boxes.  A neighbor / church member and her family dropped them off yesterday – thank you!!!!!

Later in the morning I brought my mom and sister over to the church to show them around.  Look what I saw when I drove in … 

The church fairies hung this sign at some point this morning.  Whoever did this – you made me cry!  I’m so happy to be here.

We’ve got a new washer/dryer coming and then we’re heading out to celebrate Bruce’s birthday!  What are you all up to this weekend?

Signs Of Spring

13 Mar

All of the rain that has fallen recently + the 40-50 degree temperatures we’ve had over the past several days has caused most of the snow to melt in our yard!

Amazing considering last week it came up to my waist!

Lilly is loving the fact that I’ve been taking advantage of the warmer temperatures and letting some fresh air in.

I’ve always said that fall is my favorite subject, but I always need spring the most!

Bruce came home with more seeds for our garden this afternoon.  He’s presently on an “herb” kick – hoping that we can bring them inside and keep them growing throughout the winter.

Personally I’m so over this winter that I don’t want to think about next winter already.

I am, however, excited about this …

I use a ton of cumin when I’m cooking Mexican food.  I can’t wait to use it fresh!

What are you favorite herbs to cook with?

Mistress Mary Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

12 Mar

Guess what Bruce brought home the other day?


As I said back in this post, the parsonage that we are moving to sits on a very nice piece of land and Bruce has been given the okay to plant a vegetable garden!  Other than a couple of tomato plants on our balcony in Atlanta, this is the first time we are attempting to grow our own vegetables and we’ve decided to document the entire process right here!

I am going to be honest up front – this may be a raging success, an epic failure or somewhere in between!  Right now the plan is to incubate the seeds in a container in Connecticut, transfer them to individual biodegradable containers and then replant them once we get to Rehoboth.  Once everything is replanted Bruce is going to experiment with different ways of catching rainwater so that we’re being as green as possible in our efforts to grow this garden!  So stay tuned …

Now where was I?  Oh right …

Seeds!  We’re going to attempt three different types of tomatoes (heirloom, roma and super beefsteak), lettuce, onions, peppers, parsley, chives and sunflowers.

We started with this mini-greenhouse.  Bruce poured warm water over the top of all of the peat discs.

And they expanded to be about twice their original size.

Then Bruce dug little holes in the discs while I got the seeds ready …

We started with the tomatoes!

We put a couple of seeds into each disc and then carefully covered the seeds up.

Lettuce seeds are small!

Chive seeds are minuscule!

Sunflower seeds look gargantuan next to all the other seeds!

While we planted I drew a diagram so we can remember what is planted where …

Now the seeds are covered with the clear plastic top (it came with the greenhouse) and being stored in a warm, dark place (Bruce put a towel over the greenhouse and put it next to a heater).

Next step … wait for them to sprout!

And remind this furball that these plants are not for eating.

Wish us luck!

The ABCs of Me!

3 Mar

I saw this over on Emily‘s blog this morning and I thought it would be fun to play along!  Who wants to learn a little bit more about me?

A. Age: 26

B. Bed size: Queen – both of our beds were given to us!  Such a blessing and a money saver.

C. Chore you dislike: Hanging up my laundry.  I don’t mind folding and putting away, but the stuff that needs to hang in my closet always stays on the drying rack for days!

D. Dogs: I told Bruce we could get one come spring. 🙂 He is looking at Australian Shepherds – my only request was that we get a girl – and the he train her (I’m clueless).

E. Essential start to your day: Black coffee!

F. Favorite color: Red – it’s the Vietnamese color symbolizing good luck and happiness 🙂 my bridesmaids wore red at my wedding.

G. Gold or silver: Silver looks better on me – my wedding rings are white gold.

H. Height: 5 foot, 5 inches – I’m usually in 3 inch heels, though.

I. Instruments you play(ed): Saxophone!  I’m also trying to get myself back at the piano bench, but it’s been slow.

J. Job title: Jack of all trades, master of none.

K. Kids: One furball named Lilly who gets into a LOT of trouble.

L. Live: In beautiful New England!

M. Mom’s name: Melinda – hey look at that, she’s an “M”!

N. Nicknames: Back in my “Keck” days, my friends called me Sarah K!  Yes, the exclamation point included.  At the hospital I was affectionately known as Weaver.  Sarah works. 🙂

O. Overnight hospital stays: Lots of them.  With a pager at my ear.

P. Pet peeves: Texting and driving

Q. Quote from a movie: “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.” – Dirty Dancing!

R. Righty or lefty: LEFTY! So is Bruce – does that mean if we have children, they will be left handed?

S. Siblings: Bethany (sister), Jason (brother-in-law) and Stephanie (sis-in-law)

T. Time you wake up: Totally depends on the day.  My alarm is usually set for some time between 6 and 7.

U. Underwear: That’s a weird question.

V. Vegetables you don’t like: I don’t like veggies when they get a little brown – even if they’re still okay to eat.  I like them nice and firm!

W. What makes you run late: Not being able to find my keys.  I should just keep them in the same spot!

X. X-rays you’ve had: A handful of mouth/jaw (totally rocked the braces in my awkward tween years), ankle, foot, wrist & back (basketball-related injuries) and knee (running injury).

Y. Yummy food you make: Check out my recipe page!

Z. Zoo animal favorites: Tigers!  My favorite.

How fun – do this today if you get a chance – let me know you did it!