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Crazy Days And Tuesdays

4 Oct

Okay, today just got away from me.

❤ Wear a Dress Tuesday.

Rainey sent me this last week!  Don’t you love this color?  I adore it and I adore it on her.

Lunch was eaten in between meetings and hospital visits.  Leftovers from last night – I didn’t have any tomatoes though.  Bummer!

For dinner, I was craving comfort food:

I think Baked Ziti qualifies.

I don’t have much of a recipe, because I wasn’t thrilled with it.  But I used ricotta cheese AND mozzarella, which gave it amaaaaaazing flavor.

I am currently locking myself in my office so I can get some work done.

I am going to kick off my heels though.

I think I deserve it.

Odds are you deserve it too. 🙂

Happy Wear a Dress Tuesday!

Let’s Go Fly A Kite

3 Oct

Bruce and I took advantage of our mutual days off and took a trip down to Newport to have lunch and fly a kite today!

It was kind of an epic fail.  It was really windy … up until we bought the kite and attempted to fly it.  Then it was still. Ha!

We had lunch at The Black Pearl – outside by the water!

I had an omelet with ham and jack cheese, which was served with french fries and a delicious vegetable medley.

The weather could not have been more perfect today!

The tourists were out in full force – two cruise ships were in the harbor!  Whoa.

We’re home and I’m getting ready to go to book club.  I am loving The Help!

Cold Cures

29 Sep

Ack, I am so close to feeling better.  But I am at the stage of this sinus/cold/head thing where I am just exhausted and my head feels … big.  I have a meeting tonight, so I left the office around 12:30 to get some rest and work with my feet up.

As lame as it is to be under the weather, this happens to me when the weather changes – and I am excited about that!  Bring on fall, please!

In the meantime, my sinus/cold/head remedies have been as of later …

Chicken Noodle Soup with crumbled up crackers (it gives it a stew-like texture!).

Yes, that is Italian Ice.  I send Bruce a text the other day when I was at the “my throat is burning” stage and said that I wished we had Popcicles.  And yes, my sweet husband walked in the door that night with both Popcicles and Italian Ice to sooth my throat.

He’s kind of sweet.

What are your remedies for annoying ailments?  I remember one time being sick when I was young and my throat hurt and I was crying to my mom, who promptly left my room to get some “medicine” – which only made me cry harder (I hate medicine).  Turns out the “medicine” she was getting was icing on a spoon!  She said it would help my throat – and it did!  So smooth.

Colt State Park

20 Sep

When Bruce started working a few weeks ago, we weren’t really sure what his schedule as going to look like so we just kind of took things one day at a time and did the best we could to spend time together when both of us weren’t working.

Unfortunately – our schedules were completely clashing!  We made due for awhile, but there comes a point where we actually want to see each other, haha.  Bruce tends to have Sundays and Mondays off so I have decided to switch my day off so we at least have the option of one day together.  I did have some meetings tonight, but we took off this morning to explore Colt State Park in Bristol, Rhode Island.

It was a gorgeous fall day!  We were both in jeans and long-sleeved shirts and that was perfect.

I’m starting to wonder if I will ever get used to the fact that I live this close to the coast!  I hope not – it’s kind of a cool novelty. 

Bruce didn’t have any fishing rods along on this trip and – of course – we kept passing spots where he could tell there were a lot of big fish.  Next time, Bruce!

We weren’t really in the mood for a big sit down meal, so we stopped at Panera (we had some other errands to finish in the area) on our way home for lunch:

I had a Thai Chopped Chicken Salad.  Very good – they don’t skimp on the salad fixin’s there!

Dinner was late, because I didn’t get home again until 8:30.  We started the night by taste testing some cheese for Foodbuzz (more to come on that tomorrow) … 

… and then Bruce pulled this out of the crockpot!

My sweet husband put the following in the crockpot this afternoon:

  • Beef Roast
  • 1 Can Beef Broth
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Kale
  • Splash Liquid Smoke
  • Splash Vinegar
  • Pepper

And let it cook on high for a couple of hours.

We haven’t used the crockpot in awhile – that needs to change.

Bruce also bought a pumpkin beer to pair with the meal for the two of us to share.

Honestly, I didn’t really like it – but I don’t like fruity beers so I’m probably the wrong person to ask.  Bruce really liked it, though – so don’t be deterred by my strange palate!

Wow, 10:45 already?  What a day.  I really enjoyed the time away, though, even if it was only for half the day.  It was so peaceful and a nice escape.  Lovely!


Small World

16 Sep

I had lunch today with a clergy friend of mine.  We tried out a restaurant that neither one of us had ever been to, Trinity.

VERY cool restaurant.  Great menu and not too expensive, either.  The atmosphere was quiet for lunch (which was nice, these lunches are really just an opportunity to talk and catch up) but apparently is much louder at dinner, especially when there are big games on (there are tons of TVs and screens that can be pulled down).  I want to go back for dinner some time!

I ordered a Chicken BLT (a CBLT?) and Sweet Potato Fries.  I was so surprised when the Sweet Potato Fries came out crinkled!  I don’t think I’ve seen that before.  They were perfectly cooked, too – they weren’t overly fried, so you could actually taste the sweet potato.

Funny story:  Doug (the pastor I had lunch with) worked with my mom when she was serving a church in Washington, CT.  He was serving a church nearby.  When she moved to the church in Kent, he did some consulting for her congregation there.

Actually – when I started the process of discernment, she was talking to him one day and told him that I was thinking of going into the ministry (I think at the time she was kind of scared for me, ha!).

Anyway, a few years ago, he started at a church in this area.  Then a few weeks ago, an article came out in a local paper about me and my ministry in Rehoboth.  The same day it came out, I received an email from Doug, who was kind of flabbergasted that after working with my mom in Connecticut and after she told him that I was going into the ministry, he and I are now down the street from each other in Massachusetts.

Small world, right?

Also – he is brilliant.  His blog,, is based on the idea that no church is perfect.  Letting go of the notion that we one day can be is the first step to having a vital ministry.  He also has written two books, Challenging The Church Monster: From Conflict To Community and The Honest To God Church: A Pathway To God’s Grace.  I am so lucky that he is willing to talk with me and help talk me through some of the challenges of being a new pastor.

Alright, it’s time for me to wind down. I spent a lot of time talking today and I’m ready to shut the day off.  Goodnight!

Crazy Days And Rainy Haze

7 Sep

Happy Wear a Dress Tuesday!

The rain really made the air smell like fog today – it was wonderful!  I was so excited to pull on a fall-inspired Wear a Dress Tuesday outfit.  It’s time for boots!

Today really just got away from me (hence posting at 9 pm).  I was scrambling this morning to finish some stuff up (between the power outage and Labor Day I feel like I lost a week and a half off of my life) and then headed down to Fairhaven, Massachusetts to have lunch with some of the other women clergy in my association.  We do this every 4-6 weeks and it is such a wonderful time of fellowship and collegial ministry.  As someone who is just starting out, I feel like these women give me so much!

I had to take a screenshot picture of the map on my phone while I was driving, because there are seriously days when I cannot get over how close I am to water.  Every now and then I drive along the water and see rows and rows of sailboats and want to open my window and ask people if they think it is as cool as I do.

They probably do not.

So I refrain.

Lunch was delicious, but (per usual) the conversation was better.

I cannot believe how late it is – where did the day go?!  Sheesh.  Ever have one of those days?

See New England With The Weavers Volume 1

6 Sep

Bruce and I have been in dire need of some time alone and away lately, so we spent a little bit of time planning a day trip this morning.

(Oh – I guess I should say that when I say ‘planning’ I mean we decided where we wanted to go, used our phones to get us there, got a map at the visitors center once we got there and then played it by ear for the rest of the day.  I love our method!)

Our destination?

Plymouth Rock!  Plymouth, Massachusetts is only about an hour from us and was such an easy drive.  It’s a port town, so once we were able to do some touristy and beach-type things.

(The rock is in there!)

The Mayflower!The historic sites in Plymouth are absolutely unreal …

An old courthouse … 

I was the judge!

Bruce was the jury!

(I absolutely adore this sign!)

This is the First Parish Church.  It is was the name implies – the first church in Plymouth.  The history behind this church is actually kind of fascinating.  It was founded in 1606 in England and came over on the Mayflower.  It was the original ‘meetinghouse’ in Plymouth, but made the move to become Unitarian in 1800!  There was a lot of controversy with the move and several members ended up leaving and founding their own church …

The Church Of The Pilgrimage.  This church was founded as a congregational church and is now a member of the United Church of Christ – part of the Massachusetts Conference, just like the Rehoboth Congregational Church!  I was peaking in the windows and Bruce said, “You really want to get inside, don’t you?”  Ha – yes I did. :)We were starting to lose some momentum, so we stopped for a quick bite to eat at a little cafe.

Can you believe we actually split this sandwich?  This was only my half!  I don’t know why we have never thought of this sooner, but by splitting something we saved some money and didn’t waste any food (on trips like this we can’t really take leftovers).  Energy restored! The walking / picture taking may commence.

A working grist mill!

It was such a GORGEOUS day out!

There are times (most of them in fact) that neither one of can really believe how close we are to the water – I love it!

I love him.Today was really everything that we needed – both individually as a couple.  We both feel so refreshed and ready to take on the week!

Clergy Facts

25 Aug

I realized today as I was being escorted into the passenger seat of a hearse by a funeral director in a pressed black suit that my life and work is probably different from most people.  Vocational ministry is such a strange whirlwind of a blessing and the further I get into it the luckier I feel.

In addition to being in ministry, I also feel like I have such a neat opportunity to teach about ministry.  I know there are a couple of you who read my blog who might be curious about some of the behind the scenes part of the church and I would love to share!  (Well – appropriately share, of course.  There are just some things that I cannot get into.)

Anyway, here is today’s tidbit of clergy fun:

The color of the stoles that clergy wear all mean something.  White stoles are worn for funerals (I took this photo before this morning’s funeral).  The interesting thing is that white stoles are also worn for weddings, Christmas and Easter – which are certainly celebrations in the life of the church.  But funerals are a celebration!  Every time I put my white stole on for a funeral I think about putting it on Easter morning and then about the fact that nothing really separates us from one another.  It’s a neat thought to get caught up in.

Did I lose you yet? 🙂

I went home for lunch this afternoon – it was nice to be able to cook something hot and take 20 minutes out of my day to eat!

Grilled Cheese with a Cornmeal Crust + Tomato & Basil Soup.  Mmmm.  It was a tad warm for this today, but it was still delicious, nonetheless.

I was out visiting this afternoon and stopped at the grocery store on my way home.  $100+ later (ugh – but necessary!) I was ready for dinner!

 I haven’t stir fried since the stir fry disaster of December 2010 – I had much better luck this time around.  I cooked everything in oil and added some water for moisture.  I didn’t add the teriyaki sauce until the very end (because I learned from last time that it has a lot of sugar and burns easily!).

Delicious results – husband approved!

We are finishing up this week’s episode of Royal Pains and are going to head to bed soon – goodnight!

Peaceful Rain

15 Aug

Lovely day, right?

I have a graveside service this morning that I was hoping the weather would clear up for – wishful thinking, apparently! But it was a beautiful service, regardless.

I’m home for a couple of hours to get some work down before book club tonight.  It is so cold and dreary that I made soup for lunch!

Cream Of Mushroom + Rice + Green Beans + Salt & Pepper

I am in the process of folding two weeks worth of laundry.  I didn’t know I even HAD this many clothes!  Oy.  But trying to keep up with it last week would have been impossible.  Sanity > Laundry.

Finding Balance In My Life Part IV (Choosing Between Mountains)

11 Aug

Okay, it has been a few weeks.  Where were we?

When I was in college I lived 20 minutes from my aunt.  One day I was over visiting and we were heading out to lunch.  We were trying to get my cousin (who was only three or four at the time) out of the house and into the car when she refused to put down a bag of skittles.  She was on the verge of a meltdown and taking the skittles away would have completely pushed her over.  Leslie stopped herself from trying to grab the skittles and said out loud, “Is this the mountain I want to die on?”  She immediately answered herself, “No” and we all piled into the car – Leslie, me, Gabriella and the skittles.

We cannot all be perfect at everything all the time.  It is just not possible.  There will be days when we have the time to eat healthy and well-put-together and then there will be days when we eat a whoopie pie for breakfast.

Hi, my name is Sarah and I ate a whoopie pie for breakfast.

You can probably tell that it has been a little nuts around here lately.  Bruce has been teaching at Vacation Bible School, the foot traffic because of VBS has slowed down my productivity during my office hours, I am trying to wrap a couple of things up before I take vacation next week and I have a couple of extra services this week.  I haven’t folded laundry in two weeks and I am unclear as to whether or not I actually have a kitchen table at the moment.

And I am letting it go.

Let me back up …

One of the things that I tend to be slightly obsessive about it eating in.  I hate spending money on eating out or ordering in when I can stock my fridge and pantry with food to cook or to pack and bring with me.

That money is better spent on shoes.


The thought crossed my mind last night that we had no sandwich meat or lunch-on-the-go-friendly food.  I suppose I could have dragged myself to the grocery store at 8:00 at night, but with the craziness of this week I’ve been having, the thought of spending hours around a dinner table laughing with friends seemed much necessary for my sanity.  So I did that – and this morning still had nothing to take for lunch.

After VBS wrapped up this morning, I thought about the fact that I had several hours worth of work to do.  I then thought about the fact that all I had to eat or drink thus far was a whoopie pie and a mug of coffee.  And then I thought that I would be virtually useless to everyone I came in contact with if I didn’t give my body more fuel than that.  So then I called in an order to a pizza/sandwich/salad place nearby.

I ordered a tossed salad with grilled chicken and honey mustard dressing (which was more like spicy mustard, but it was still good nonetheless) and grabbed a tea from the cooler.

There are a lot of food and healthy living bloggers out there that preach the importance of stocking your pantry with food so that you have it available to grab, cook and prepare.  And I agree with them.  And I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel like some kind of foodie failure every time I placed a food order.

But let’s be real – sometimes we are just too busy to spend time driving to and from the grocery store and stocking up on groceries.  Sometimes we need an extra 20 minutes of sleep and do not have time to put together breakfast or lunch to go.  Laundry may go unfolded.  Emails may go unanswered.  Calls may go un-returned.  That doesn’t make any of those things less important to us. But sometimes there are five different beautiful mountains in front of us and we can only choose one to climb.

This is the week of absolute insanity for me and I am choosing to be a good pastor to my congregation and a good wife to my husband.  I am piecing together 30 minute slots of downtime where and when I can find them.  I am allowing myself to go to sleep with pending work and household chores that aren’t urgent.  That’s about all I can handle this week.

And do you know what?  I’m okay with that.

Can anyone relate?