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Book Club Update

4 Oct


Bruce was in the mood for salads for dinner so we both kind of did our own thing (we kind of have differing views on what you should put in a salad, ha!).

On my plate:

  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Pasta
  • Kidney Beans
  • Croutons
  • Honey Mustard Creole Salad Dressing (<– new and delicious!)

Hindsight – I should have added onions!

I went to book club tonight and we started to talk about The Help.  Oh man – y’all were right!  This book is amazing.  Not only do I think that the stories are ones that need to be told, but the book is also put together in a neat way.  It is easy to read and the characters lives intersect each other at critical points (which makes me never want to put it down!).  I can’t wait to finish it and then go see the movie.

Time for me to go to bed – good night!

Saturday Night Musings

2 Oct

My Saturday was spent knitting, reading, watching mindless television and finishing up my sermon.

Some weeks I crank through it just by reading the scripture and other weeks I need more … help.  This was one of those weeks, ha!  I just needed to get some OT history lined up correctly.

I’ve started a tradition lately with the church where I light a candle in every meeting.  It is supposed to act as a reminder that even when we are working on the “business” side of the church – God is still present and we still need to act faithfully.  The thought crossed my mind today that I should be lighting a candle while working on my sermons!  I pulled out a red one because red symbolizes the Holy Spirit.

And who couldn’t use a little bit of Holy Spirit when finishing a sermon?

It’s way past my bedtime and Bruce is COOKING!  He’s on a crock pot kick and already working on tomorrow’s lunch.  Yummmm.


World Problems

18 Sep

There are days when I think I have the coolest job ever.

I spent the night with the Sr. High Youth Group and we talked about how we were going to fix the world.

You know … light stuff.

It’s funny – I was aggravated on my drive home because of traffic, strategically parked cop cars that made everyone slam on their brakes and construction.  But as soon as I gathered with the youth, all of that was forgotten.  Hallelujah!  Amen.

Small World

16 Sep

I had lunch today with a clergy friend of mine.  We tried out a restaurant that neither one of us had ever been to, Trinity.

VERY cool restaurant.  Great menu and not too expensive, either.  The atmosphere was quiet for lunch (which was nice, these lunches are really just an opportunity to talk and catch up) but apparently is much louder at dinner, especially when there are big games on (there are tons of TVs and screens that can be pulled down).  I want to go back for dinner some time!

I ordered a Chicken BLT (a CBLT?) and Sweet Potato Fries.  I was so surprised when the Sweet Potato Fries came out crinkled!  I don’t think I’ve seen that before.  They were perfectly cooked, too – they weren’t overly fried, so you could actually taste the sweet potato.

Funny story:  Doug (the pastor I had lunch with) worked with my mom when she was serving a church in Washington, CT.  He was serving a church nearby.  When she moved to the church in Kent, he did some consulting for her congregation there.

Actually – when I started the process of discernment, she was talking to him one day and told him that I was thinking of going into the ministry (I think at the time she was kind of scared for me, ha!).

Anyway, a few years ago, he started at a church in this area.  Then a few weeks ago, an article came out in a local paper about me and my ministry in Rehoboth.  The same day it came out, I received an email from Doug, who was kind of flabbergasted that after working with my mom in Connecticut and after she told him that I was going into the ministry, he and I are now down the street from each other in Massachusetts.

Small world, right?

Also – he is brilliant.  His blog,, is based on the idea that no church is perfect.  Letting go of the notion that we one day can be is the first step to having a vital ministry.  He also has written two books, Challenging The Church Monster: From Conflict To Community and The Honest To God Church: A Pathway To God’s Grace.  I am so lucky that he is willing to talk with me and help talk me through some of the challenges of being a new pastor.

Alright, it’s time for me to wind down. I spent a lot of time talking today and I’m ready to shut the day off.  Goodnight!

See Sarah

14 Sep

See Sarah.

See Sarah spend most of her day on the phone.

See Sarah lose a battle with her inbox.

See Sarah listen to showtunes all day.

See Sarah get ready for a meeting.

See Sarah not have time to blog about food.

See Sarah hit publish and head to her meeting.

What I’ve Been Up To Today …

27 Aug

1. Obsessing over the weather reports.

Especially photos like this.

And this.
2. Thinking about the email I sent to my church members yesterday.
And trying to take my own advice.  Deeeeeep breaths, Sarah, deeeeeeep breaths.  
(I’ll feel better when Bruce is HOME!)
3. Eating the lamest dinner ever.

Oh, but that sweet tea …

Raise your hand if you miss living in the south!

(Waves hand frantically.)

4. Doing dishes.

If we lose power (and subsequently lose water) I will go crazy if there are dishes in the sink.

5. Folding laundry.

Why do I feel like laundry is always a losing battle?  And there are only two of us!

6. Listening to the Boston Pops.  It’s calming me down (see #2).

7. Getting my guest room back in order – it sort of became a dumping ground post-vacation.

Is it sad that the guest room is the only room in the house that is ‘done’ at the moment?

8. Obsessively checking Twitter for updates from my favorite news sources.

How crazy is it that Ann Curry is sleeping in her office tonight?

9. Texting my husband every 30 minutes and impatiently waiting for him to get home.

10. Thinking about email blasting my church members with a devotional in the morning – I know how bummed they all are that they are going to be missing my sermon …

What have you been up to all day?  Prepping for Irene?  Obsessing over news reports?

There She Blows.

26 Aug


Be safe, friends!