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Long Days

7 Apr

People keep asking me how I’m doing so I thought I’d answer the question on here, too – I’m doing really really well.  I’m tired – but happy.  And feeling so incredibly blessed.  I just keep looking at Bruce and saying, “I can’t believe that this is our life now!”  It is amazing how quickly I have settled into my day-to-day responsibilities.  I’m busy, but happy. 🙂

I came across a box of massage therapy stones when I was unpacking and decided to bring them to my office at church.  I never used them as actual massage stones, so I thought they’d be nice ambiance or for someone to hold and move through their fingers if they were feeling anxious.  Turns out they are also fun for kids to play with during meetings. 🙂

I just love the way they look, though …

Bruce and I had to run errands late this afternoon (switching banks, ugh) and I skipped lunch (I know I know, but things got crazy at the office) so we grabbed a frozen pizza, romaine lettuce and baby spinach for an early dinner.

I made a romaine/spinach salad with walnuts and a sesame/ginger dressing.

And paired it with a couple of pieces of pizza.  It’s not the healthiest of options, but at least I got some greens in, right?

I had two meetings this evening and when I got home look what Bruce had ready for me …

An unpacked media room!  There is this neat little nook on one side of the basement that makes such a nice cozy space for a TV and couch.  But it is big enough that I can do yoga/pilates DVDs if I move the footstools off to the side.

The back side of this nook is home to Dolly!

The other side of the basement still could use some work.  But it’s progress!  Eventually Bruce wants to decorate the media room with non-tacky movie/sports paraphernalia.  Any suggestions?

I’m exhausted and am ready to crawl into bed.  Goodnight!

House Progress – Kitchen

4 Apr

Welcome to our kitchen!

This afternoon Bruce and I buckled down and finished unpacking the kitchen.  I’m convinced that the kitchen is one of the hardest rooms to unpack because there is so much stuff and most of it it wrapped.  So now that we’ve got this room done – the rest of the house will unpack itself, right?

That’s what I thought.

Here – let’s go on a tour!

I’m sure you remember this breakfast buffet from Atlanta and Connecticut.  We are using the wall cabinet for coffee mugs …

… and the bottom for tea cups & saucers, fiesta ware pitchers, our small crock pot and my dutch oven.  The brown basket has tupperware in it (I like tupperware to be contained!).

Our coffee cart.  I put all of the tea in that square basket on the top shelf so we can just pull it out and pick what we want.

Remember when I showed off our new armoire?  We decided to use it in a way that we had never even considered – as a pantry!  We will definitely be adding a third shelf, but that’s a project for another day.

Recycling bins from IKEA!

Okay – so here’s the table situation.  It’s a work in progress.  I know I said that I was going to sand and paint the chairs and table – but then my search picked up, I got a job and started to plan my Candidacy Weekend, a move and an ordination.

So I’m choosing sanity and living with the mismatched chairs and table.

Lots of counter space.


Finally – an unearthed stove!  Cooking will commence soon.

Speaking of not cooking …

I heated up some leftover pizza with a side of chips & salsa for dinner.  We’ll definitely go back to this place in the future!

So what do you think of the kitchen?

Happy Birthday Husband!

2 Apr

Wishing my sweet husband a happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Bruce!  Thank you for being willing to walk, jog, skip and hike with me on this adventure called life.  I love you!

And guess what?!  I got you a house full of boxes to open as a present!

Lilly has recovered from the car ride and found “her” spot in the house – the picture window!  I had a feeling she would love it.  It looks out on the front yard (and the animals across the street!).

Good news – we located the coffee, the coffee grinder and the coffee maker.  Everything else is secondary as far as I’m concerned.

We snacked on these delicious blueberry muffins this morning while staring at boxes.  A neighbor / church member and her family dropped them off yesterday – thank you!!!!!

Later in the morning I brought my mom and sister over to the church to show them around.  Look what I saw when I drove in … 

The church fairies hung this sign at some point this morning.  Whoever did this – you made me cry!  I’m so happy to be here.

We’ve got a new washer/dryer coming and then we’re heading out to celebrate Bruce’s birthday!  What are you all up to this weekend?

Bed vs. Kitchen

2 Apr

My kitchen currently looks like this …

… and I cannot muster up the energy to care.  The boxes will be there in the morning, right?

Bruce and I went exploring a little bit to stock up on some essentials – including sandwich fixin’s for dinner.  It was consumed on the floor of the master bedroom while Bruce did this …

The kitchen may be a mess but both beds are put together.  My mom and sister drove out tonight – everyone will have a place to sleep!

Who needs sheets?

We’re going to call it a night – thanks for all of the love and support!  The move went as smoothly as I could have ever imagined.


Posting From MA!

1 Apr

We’re here!

The car ride was only slightly traumatizing for Lilly and me (Bruce had a nice quiet ride in the truck by himself) – the weather cooperated and we were in Rehoboth by 12:45!  There were several people from the church waiting for us at the parsonage when we got there.  Unloading was so easy!

Well … it was for me.  I unloaded clothing.

They moved the piano.

I’m sure it was just as easy.

Here are some photos of the house!

Upstairs …

Standing in the living room looking into the kitchen in eat-in (the bedrooms are down the hall) …

The entire downstairs is finished with beautiful hardwoods and built-in cabinets.  It’s going to be our office / TV room!

The TV is going to be in this little nook.  Shock of all shocks – the Comcast guy was EARLY today! (Yes, that is a Red Sox game – Atlanta friends, I’m sorry.)

Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers guys!  More later!  xoxo


1 Apr


Mom, Dad, Lou LaRocca and John Worthington – words DO NOT express how grateful Bruce and I are for all of your help today.  We couldn’t have gotten the truck packed so quickly and so smoothly without you.  Thank you for your patience, your persistence and your enthusiasm.

I can’t believe I can say this, but the truck is packed and the house is empty.  We probably could have gotten away with a 17-foot truck, but we’re happy that we were able to throw last minute things into the truck and not have to cram everything into my car.

The thought of couches to sit on and TVs to watch was extremely enticing for two people with an empty house, so we decided to come up to my parent’s house for dinner.  My dad ordered Chinese food.

Wonton Soup …

Sesame Chicken, Spare Ribs and Pork Fried Rice …

I’m so tired I could barely taste it!

The weather reports are kind of throwing a wrench in our plans for tomorrow, but I’m crossing my fingers that the snow (yes, snow) won’t be as bad as they’re calling for.  I’ll keep you posted – but keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

My official start day is tomorrow!  I feel insanely blessed that my search & call process was as short as it was and that I found such a wonderful congregation to serve.

Grace unexpected. 🙂

Don’t Leave Me!

31 Mar

It’s like she’s saying, “I know they won’t leave without the chair. So if I sit here until they leave they’ll take me too!”

We’re both starting to feel the wear and tear of packing, but we’re in good spirits and have some help coming later.  For now I have to show you our latest treasure that we picked up today …

When I was over at my friends’ house picking up Dolly the other day, I saw this on their screened-in porch.  I had never seen it before, so I asked where it came from.  Without hesitating, Joe said, “Do you want it?!” And without hesitating I said, “BRUCE!”

I love the birdcage design – I think every house should have a good mix of old and modern – and this is just beautiful!

We’re currently going back and forth between whether we’ll keep it in the master bedroom or the living room.  We’ll figure it out when we get there!