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Musings Of A Twenty-Something Pastor Part IV

25 Sep

1. My theory on sermon-writing is pretty simple:  If you do not have a good illustration, start with a bad joke.

Warning:  Tomorrow’s sermon starts with a really bad joke.

2. Our webmaster extraordinaire (his name is actually Bruce and that is what I call him, but I think ‘webmaster extraordinaire’ has a neat ring to it) embedded a calendar into our church website:

Neat, right?  I have had so much fun playing with it and adding events that I am contemplating giving up my paper calendar and ‘going google’.

Oh, but I love my paper calendar.

3. I had a Middle School Youth Group Meeting tonight and somehow I found myself comparing images in the church and Christianity to the motion that a baseball coach makes when he’s telling someone to steal third.

I’m not sure how I got there.

4. Y’all who commented on this post are absolutely right:  The Help is awesome!  I’m glad I am reading the book first, but I hear the movie stays true to the book so I am looking forward to seeing it.

5. My sweet husband is currently packing for tomorrow’s fishing trip.  He seems to be more excited for the fishing trip than my sermon (I’m sure that’s not true?) and keeps making comments about needing to be at the fishing spot by 12:09, which is low tide.

I have a feeling that is his subtle way of saying, “Don’t get long winded.”

We’ll see.

{Insert mischievous laugh here}


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Musings Of A Twenty-Something Pastor Part III

24 Aug

1. I realized this morning that I never shared yesterday’s Wear a Dress Tuesday picture.  Oh, the horror!

I feel better.

2. I have a funeral today and for various reasons am wearing a clerical collar.

I just wanted to put that out there so that my mom could have a good laugh.

3. I am doing last minute prep for said funeral by doing this …

Drinking Fat Puppy Coffee out of a Fat Puppy Coffee mug!

4. My sweet husband started his new job yesterday!  I think we are still both a little skeptical that this is actually his job, but since they didn’t laugh and send him home yesterday, we’ve announced it officially.  He is working in the Fly Fishing Department at Bass Pro Shops!  The details are all here.

If you know my husband (or just click on his blog) you’ll know that there really isn’t a more perfect job for him than something that allows him the opportunity to talk about fly fishing all day.

5. My office is in the basement of the church and one of my favorite things is when our organist is upstairs in the sanctuary practicing (which he is currently doing).  I’ve contemplated asking him to just come in during the week to play during my office hours.  I’m convinced it would help my productivity.

Speaking of productivity – blogging is NOT helping.  So I’m off!  Have a good day!

Musings Of A Twenty-Something Pastor Part II

16 Aug

1. It is 63 degrees, raining and feels like fall right now.  It is glorious.

I pulled out jeans and boots for book club tonight.  Jeans and boots!  I’m in love.

2. When I left the church tonight, my desk looked like this …

… and it will look like this for a week. 

Want to know why?


3. Bruce congratulated me on making it to vacation when I walked in the door tonight and then handed me this:

Landshark is my absolute favorite summer beer.  It tastes a lot like Corona, but better.  I have converted many Corona fans before.  Try it!

Behind-the-scenes blogging.

4. My vacation started off with a 9th inning come-from-behind win by the Braves.

I miss Atlanta.  Really.  I was cleaning out my car this afternoon, found my Breeze card for the train and almost cried.

5.  Did I mention that I’m on vacation?

Musings Of A Twenty-Something Pastor Part I

29 Jun

A List …

1. I locked myself out of the house this morning.  Here’s how it went down.

I don’t know what is more pathetic.  The fact that I did it – or the fact that I continue to tell people that I did it.

2. I realized this morning that it is a good thing that there is a strong treeline between our house and our neighbors.

No explanation necessary.

3. I took this photo five years ago when Kari and I were on our cross-country driving adventure.

Barrington Congregational Church in Barrington, Rhode Island.  It was one of our first stops and we met some wonderful people there.

I took this photo today:

Who knew I would eventually live 20 minutes from that church?  Circle of life, friends!

4. I love my accent wall.

Just felt like sharing.

5. I meant to show you these earrings that I wore with my Wear a Dress Tuesday outfit yesterday.

Two different people told me they look like a bass clef.  They were my mom’s!

6. The Otter Box that you see above was the greatest thing I ever bought.  My phone did a stop, drop and roll thing down the driveway yesterday and still is as good as new.

7. After Monday’s bike ride all I want to do is go for another one.  I’d leave the office now, but so far all I’ve done for Sunday’s service is pick the hymns – and the bulletin is usually done by Tuesday afternoon.  It’s not even started right now.

What if we just didn’t have a bulletin this week, sung the hymns I picked and talked about my bike ride?

8. I should really go back to work.

9. Thanks for listening.

10. I don’t really have a #10.  I’m just Type A.