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See You Next Year

5 Oct

Well, garden – it’s been fun.

Thanks for all of the fresh salads.  See you next year!  We’ve got big plans for you …

Still Cooking From The Garden

13 Sep

Well, the good news is, I think my migraine is starting to move out with the wind.

That’s it.  Just good news.  I’m functioning again and was able to fold some laundry and even do work this evening!  I really hate when I’m sidelined due to sickness, so the fact that I could salvage even some time to work will help me out a lot tomorrow.

While I work/relaxed, Bruce cooked!

While the garden took a hit during the hurricane, we still have a few things left.  The carrots and the potatoes came from the garden!  Bruce paired them with some chicken that was rubbed with a really flavorful glaze.  It was great!

Next year we’ll know to plant the carrots further away from one another.  They were all on top of each other this year and because of that they didn’t have much room to grow.  So we were able to harvest carrots but they weren’t that big – oh well!

It’s 11:00 and I am not feeling tired – I guess that’s the downside to laying in bed all day trying to avoid light and sound.  Here’s to hoping I still get a good night’s sleep …


Earlier Bedtimes

23 Aug

Check out the beautiful sunset we stumbled into while out running errands tonight!

The weather is a beautifully crisp 59 degrees right now! It was such a nice night to be out and about with my sweet husband.

Dinner was yummy!  The texture of the homemade sauce is a lot more fresher than the jarred and canned stuff from the store.  I can’t wait to make my own …

… which I will be doing very soon.  Look at what Bruce pulled out of the garden today! 

The carrots definitely look a little sad.  We think that we planted them too close to one another and they didn’t have room to grow as much.  Live and learn for next year, I suppose!

So … I am instituting an earlier bedtime around here.  We are both much more pleasant and productive in the morning when we call it a night sooner.  We’ve never been great about this (I partly blame graduate school) but I am determined to make it work now.

That being said – it’s almost 9:30 and I have a couple of chores I want to get done before bed.  Goodnight!

Garden TLC

4 Aug

Bruce and I spent some much needed time in the garden this afternoon.  It was much needed on two fronts – I was needing a change of scenery from my office AND the garden was overrun with weeds.  Win-win!

Check out our sunflowers!  To give you some perspective, Bruce is about 5’10” …

Like I said yesterday, our lettuce is starting to flower – boo!  But it gave us a great first crop.  Our peas are also shot – we pulled them and are going to try for a fall crop.  We actually did pretty well and were able to freeze a lot from the first crop, but Bruce and I think we made some rookie mistakes with them and can’t wait to give it another go!

 That wasn’t even a quarter of the weeds pulled today.  Oh myyy.

Much better!  I didn’t realize that gardening was such a continual process of pulling things that have harvested and putting new crops in – how fun!

We realized while we were weeding that the peas were shot, so we pulled them and we’ll get some new seeds asap.

I put in a new crop of romaine lettuce and a crop of spinach (we didn’t have spinach in our last crop!).

I also pulled the last of the onions so we could use that area for a row of lettuce.  We got a GREAT crop of onions!  I haven’t bought them in two months!  Does anyone know if I can freeze onions? 

Also doing well:


We had two types of greens in before and this stuff is still doing okay.  It needs to be eaten quickly, though!

Turn red, please!

I think we spent about three hours in the garden.  We were so hungry when we came in for dinner!

I pulled some lettuce and grabbed an onion while Bruce grilled a skirt steak.  Skirt steaks are very inexpensive and make for a great salad topper.

I also made more croutons – and finally took some pictures of the process!  A recipe should be up tomorrow … 

A friend of mine (hi Chris!) was telling me that now is the time to be putting in our fall crop vegetables – broccoli, cauliflower, etc.  I didn’t know there was such a thing as fall crop vegetables – guess I’m doing some research tonight!

Anybody else putting in a fall crop of vegetables?

Cruisin’ Along

3 Aug

Bruce and I had an impromptu dinner with church members tonight – so impromptu that I didn’t have my camera with me!  So imagine this … steak on the grill, potato salad, garden salad, freshly baked bread and yellow cake with berries and whipped cream.  Oh.  My.

I snapped this en route to their house.  I love instagram!


So I thought I would give a quick garden update.  Our cucumbers are coming in full force (although we forgot to pick for about a week and some of them went bad, ugh) and the tomatoes are so close to turning red.  Naturally, you would think it is time for complete straight-from-my-garden salads, right?


Our lettuce is SHOT!  It has completely harvested and is starting to flower.  There are still some leaves on the plants, but they are pretty bitter.  Apparently this is what happens.

Blahhhhh.  Mother Nature – I need lettuce and tomatoes at the same time!

Time for another crop?

I grabbed two packages of seeds yesterday that have relatively short harvest times.

Both packages also specified that these greens can be planted for two crops.  Hopefully we should get another good lettuce crop to last us into the fall!

Now I just need to find some time to plant it …

Gardening Irony

27 Jul

Just one of those crazy days.  Reflected in this Wear a Dress Tuesday picture …

Best Bruce and I could do. 🙂

I got home from lunch in New Bedford around 4 and Bruce met me at the church to help me set up a new printer (I probably could have figured it out on my own, but I really haven’t seen him much lately!).  We came home and he made this … 

… for dinner!  Beans FROM OUR GARDEN!

+ Fried Chicken and oh myyy it was good.

Unrelated to the beans, but our lettuce crop is starting to run its course – Kath said on her blog today that theirs is gone as well.  I think we are going to try to put in a fall crop of greens because it is a cooler weather crop.  I hope it works!  I love not having to buy greens!


Our tomatoes are finally turning red!  How is it that I finally have red tomatoes, but the lettuce is gone?  Mother Nature – work that out!

Straight From The Garden

13 Jul

Lunch will be free today!

Picking greens & more from the garden is the perfect way to start a day.  How therapeutic!

It’s almost making this heat worth it, ha!


I’ve really been enjoying The Pleated Poppy‘s What I Wore Wednesday.  I am amazed at what happens when I spend a little bit of extra time caring about what I wear.  I feel better and I work better throughout the day.  It’s like Wear a Dress Tuesday every day (and not just dresses!). 

I didn’t get a photo every day last week, but here are a few!

The skirt on the top right was my mom’s from years and years ago.  The dress on the bottom right was my (oh my I cannot believe I am going to admit this) high school graduation dress.  Proof that it doesn’t cost much to have a versatile closet!

Speaking of working better throughout the day … I’m off!


12 Jul

When Bruce and I moved to Rehoboth, one of the first things he did was get a little container for the kitchen so we could compost.  We throw compostable (I’m not sure if that is a word?) trash in the container and when it is full he would throw it in a designated area off of the yard.  The goal was to create great soil that could be used in the garden in the seasons to come.

Most people that have composts have a composter that they use – it contains the compost and you have easier access to the soil.  A composter was something that we wanted to buy, but didn’t have in the budget yet (setting up a house is expensive!).  When my Aunt Coni and Uncle Mark were here last week Coni asked where we were keeping the compost and we said that it was just open for the time being.

This showed up yesterday.  A Keter 115-gallon capacity Super Composter.  This thing is really cool – you open the top and put the compost in, the soil sinks to the bottom as it forms and then you lift up the compartments on the bottom and pull the soil out.

Bruce had it up and running in no time.  He put it right next to the garden so the new soil will be easy to till in.

Thank you Coni and Mark!  I cannot wait to see how the garden continues to grow now that we have the tools to create great soil.

Speaking of growth …


If Bruce didn’t already have a grill dinner planned, I would have picked it on the spot and done salads for dinner.  But I can be patient and wait until tomorrow.

I think.


Does anybody else compost?

Sowing Seeds

9 Jul

The irony in my life is hysterical at times. The title of my sermon for tomorrow is “Sowing Seeds Of Faith” based on the Parable of the Sower (found in Matthew). One of the biggest themes that I see that comes out of this parable is that no matter how hard we try to plant seeds (read: faith communities, paths in life, etc. etc. etc.) in places and times where they will grow, sometimes the seeds fall on rocky soil, in droughts, floods, etc. and we cannot control how they will grow.

So take our garden.  A few days ago I was thinking that it really needed some water.  I almost hooked up the hose to the rain barrel, but somehow got distracted.  When I woke up to rain yesterday I was relieved that I didn’t use the rain barrel because it appeared the Mother Nature was taking care of the watering.

Unfortunately, the rain seems to have pummeled different parts of the garden.  The radishes are a knotted mess and the onion have completely fallen over.

And the poor lettuce!  I’m not really sure what to do with it – will it stand up on its own again?

However – look at the peas!

And the beans!

And the cucumbers!

And the tomatoes!  There is growth in some places and wilting in others.  Life isn’t about consistent growth and positive outcomes in all areas.  It is about sowing seeds, about nurturing them as best that we know how and about sometimes letting go of our need to control the bottom line and just working with what we are given.
I don’t know.  Sometimes I think the garden gives me a lot to think about.  And not just in produce …

In other news, Bruce and I had a sit down pancake breakfast this morning.  We read the Rehoboth Reporter together afterwards while we drank coffee.  It was quaint and wonderful.

Mmm, juice.  This is a white cranberry strawberry cocktail.  Delicious!

I’ve got a lot of writing to do today (and some thinking about the garden and life apparently!).  What are you all up to?

A Green Garden Update

26 Jun

Bruce and I cannot get over how green and big everything is in the garden right now!  I feel like we are on the cusp of having most everything ready to go and once things are ready, we will consistently have fresh vegetables all summer.  Here are some photos I snapped after church!

I always stand on the edge for a few minutes to check for snakes. ::shudder::

This is an early crop of onions, so we should be able to plant a later crop and have them into the fall, too!

Brussels Sprouts:

We’re actually not sure what is supposed to happen with these – any thoughts?  I think the sprouts grow above ground, but I have no idea.

The radishes, on the other hand, are growing strong!  I’ve been picking the ones that poke out of the ground.

I’m assuming the same will happen with the carrots?


Look – KALE!  My mom brought some plants last week from a church member and they have taken nicely to our soil.

Also budding …

Tomatoes … 

And cucumbers!

Bruce had to build a ladder for the cucumbers and they seem to be climbing well.  Some of our cucumbers are from plants and some we planted from seeds.  Not sure what we’ll do next year.

Green beans!

The ladder of green beans – I have this feeling eventually we are going to be overrun with them!

 And the peas.

The potatoes are doing well as usual!  The potatoes start forming when the flowers bud, so we should be able to dig in a couple of weeks.  We want to give them time to grow, so we have big potatoes for baked potatoes!

And last but not least … our sunflowers!

I think I am going to head back to the garden and pick some stuff in a bit – my dad is here and we are going to fire up the grill!

I will also get today’s sermon up in a little bit – see you later!