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All Lit Up

7 Sep

Bruce pointed out that when I blogged about our new table and hutch I should have shown the hutch in its real glory.

All lit up!

I love how the lights and the mirrors and the glass reflect off of one another.  One of my new favorite things to do is to just have those lights on (and maybe the stove light) and just relax in the kitchen or living room.  It is so peaceful.

Does anybody else have favorite places in their houses?

Welcome To My (New) Table!

4 Sep

A few months ago the church was gifted several large pieces of furniture – some of it was sold in our yard sale, some of it is being used in the church and there were a few pieces that still needed homes.

In the end, those pieces ended up at the parsonage!  We knew we needed to replace our DIY-Spray-Painted-Weathered-IKEA Table and Goodwill Chairs but weren’t quite sure what we wanted.  These pieces actually match the kitchen cabinets and will be great for this house long-term so we were happy to bring them in now!

I love that the chairs are padded!  There are actually eight chairs in total – the four we have out have arms, the other four do not.  And there is an additional leaf that will lengthen the table if we need it bigger.

This is Bruce’s favorite part of the set – a beautiful, huuuuge hutch!  We finally unpacked all of our glassware and we love how it looks! 

I love the mirror in the back – it actually opens up the kitchen and makes everything look bigger!


I love that this runner (that was embroidered by Bruce’s great-aunt and a wedding gift) doesn’t cover up all the wood, but does dress the table up a little bit.

I am geekily excited about mealtime now.  Anyone want to come over for dinner?

What I’ve Been Up To Today …

27 Aug

1. Obsessing over the weather reports.

Especially photos like this.

And this.
2. Thinking about the email I sent to my church members yesterday.
And trying to take my own advice.  Deeeeeep breaths, Sarah, deeeeeeep breaths.  
(I’ll feel better when Bruce is HOME!)
3. Eating the lamest dinner ever.

Oh, but that sweet tea …

Raise your hand if you miss living in the south!

(Waves hand frantically.)

4. Doing dishes.

If we lose power (and subsequently lose water) I will go crazy if there are dishes in the sink.

5. Folding laundry.

Why do I feel like laundry is always a losing battle?  And there are only two of us!

6. Listening to the Boston Pops.  It’s calming me down (see #2).

7. Getting my guest room back in order – it sort of became a dumping ground post-vacation.

Is it sad that the guest room is the only room in the house that is ‘done’ at the moment?

8. Obsessively checking Twitter for updates from my favorite news sources.

How crazy is it that Ann Curry is sleeping in her office tonight?

9. Texting my husband every 30 minutes and impatiently waiting for him to get home.

10. Thinking about email blasting my church members with a devotional in the morning – I know how bummed they all are that they are going to be missing my sermon …

What have you been up to all day?  Prepping for Irene?  Obsessing over news reports?

House Updates

5 Aug

I had a fun vlog post in mind for this evening involving me, my iPhone video camera and how I make egg sandwiches.  But I got to the part of the video where I had to crack the egg with one hand (Bruce wasn’t home to take the video for me so I had the phone in one hand) and I failed.  Miserably.  Broken yolk and egg shells everywhere, including in the hot pan in the middle of my dinner.

So I scrapped the filming.

And made dinner with TWO hands.

But since that doesn’t make for a very interesting blog post, I thought I’d snap some photos of some house-related progress we made today!

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but we’ve lived in a house with two full bathrooms for over four months without getting a second shower curtain and making use of the second shower!  We bought this one at tar-jay today and moved our other one (light brown, super boring) to the bathroom that we don’t use as often.  Then we got rid of all of the bathmats (brought them to the other bathroom as well) and picked up this neat wooden one and are going to go without rugs for the time being.

Even though the color is darker and richer, the room is brightened up a lot!

And onto the guest room …

That mirror is formerly a multi-colored grungy looking mirror.  I gave it a quick coat of white spray paint today and voila!

As for these photos – this was a frustrating DIY project turned awesome. 

I had two cheap plastic ugly green frames that I hated and wanted to paint.  But because of the plastic material, the spray paint wasn’t taking right away.  My initial plan was to buff the first two coats and hope that the third coat would stick after the buffing – but I realized that as I buffed, the paint chipped away and an antique-y look emerged!

I covered everything with a clear coat of spray paint (which stuck on the first try – so the buffing worked!), printed two black and whites of mine and crossed my fingers it would look good.  And I love it!

I have an exciting evening of NCIS re-runs planned for tonight.  Exciting, right?  Ha.


My New Favorite Barn

12 Jul

I really cannot contain my excitement.

Bruce and I had a gift card to Pottery Barn and decided this afternoon to head to over to the mall in Providence and pick up a few things.  We NEVER shop there, so this was such a treat!  Check out what we picked up …

All stuff for the kitchen (of course!).

These two adorable drink dispensers.  Because they are part of the “summer” collections, they were on sale! 

We had looked at glass ones (like this one) so you could see what was in the dispenser, but decided that these had too much character to pass up.

A cheese and cracker tray.  The advantage to this one is that it is long enough that we could use it for breads or a cracker spread as well.

These were a legitimate need, actually.  Can you believe we don’t have salad tongs?

I love how versatile this condiment holder is.  It could be used for condiments, but also for salsa / guacamole / sour cream on Mexican nights!

So that was the loot!  What do you think?  Let’s have a dinner party!

Wall Of Fam(ily)

10 Jul

Confession: We have lived in this house for almost four months are still not completely moved in.

Eh. Overrated, right?

Bruce and I have been wanting to create a wall of photos of our wonderful families since we moved in. We finally started working on it today!

What do you think?  There really is no rhyme or reason to how we put the photos up – kind of organized chaos.  We definitely need to get more photos, so it’s still a work in progress.

While Bruce was hanging, I was making dinner.  Kind of warm for spaghetti and meatballs but this was so easy and delicious.

Although now I am officially stuffed.  Who wants to come do my dishes?

Busy Days At Home

2 Jul

Guess what I played around in all day?

Never thought I’d find myself in a RED SOX hat, that’s for sure!  I have NOT abandoned the Braves, but this was a gift from my church members the day I was voted into the church.  It has lots of sentimental value!  And it matched my blue Coast Guard shorts, ha.

Did you seem my 1:30 p.m. tweet?

I can’t believe I finished so early!  Last week I was up until 1 a.m. so I was unbelievably relieved that I got my act together faster this time around.  Such a great feeling – I had the whole day to work on the house!

My bedroom was one of my biggest projects.  I still had jewelry that had never been unpacked (since we moved!) and some things to put back together after yesterday’s furniture switcheroo.  What do you think of the way I’ve got the jewelry organized?

I love that it is organized AND acts as wall art.  And I love how the white looks on the coriander seed!

I heated up a pizza for dinner and paired it with (what else?!) a garden salad.

I’m going to run over to the church to print my sermon and get ready for tomorrow’s baptism.  Goodnight!

Outdoor Dining

26 Jun


I continue to be amazed at my sweet husband’s handiness …

I’ll spare you the boring details about our simple-trip-to-Home-Depot-turned-three-hour-drive-around-to-two-different-Benny’s and just say that we finally have a grill and cannot wait to fire it up tomorrow!

Getting the grill today was perfect timing – one of our church members had some extra patio furniture and offered it to us!  It’s beautiful!

I love these citronella lamps.  My mother-in-law bought them for us last time we were in Pennsylvania.  Two of them are posted on rods and one sits on the table.

The other table and two chairs that we had are not going to go to waste, either …

We are going to have a little oasis in our yard, complete with a fire pit that we are going to build with the stones that we pulled from the garden!  But that’s still on our to-do list …

Sorry to keep this so short, my sermon isn’t done yet!  Argh.

In the meantime – has anyone ever built a fire pit?

S-S-S-Spray Painting!

22 Jun

Do you remember this picture?

Taken just after we moved in of the kitchen. I cringed when I posted it because I was horrified that we hadn’t done anything with our table and $4 chairs that I vowed to work on at the beginning of January.

Well, here we are nearly three months later and I still hadn’t done anything with the chairs and it was driving me crazy!  I had grand plans to take everything apart, sand, paint and reupholster, but then realized that I really don’t have the time for that and opted for $12 worth of black spray paint …


Ignore the awful quality of the iPhone photo snapped at night – it looks better, agreed?

I can’t wait to put a bright table runner on it and some candles!  It’s going to look great!

New Carpet Smell

31 May

I LOVE our new carpets!

When I walked in, I immediately felt a difference because of the new padding that they put down.

Bruce took these progress pics …

Here’s the new carpet!

The color it ‘Pie Crust’.

I’m in love.

They did everything except the master bedroom, which they will come back and do tomorrow.  I love that every room has the same color carpet (there were three different colors before).  I can’t wait for it all to be done!

I snuck out of this office around 3:30 so Bruce and I could have an early dinner before choir tonight (well – Bruce has choir, I have work to do!).

I had leftover rice in the fridge, so I made a batch of fried rice.

Mmm …

I’m heading back to church to finish up some work.  I’ll be back with a Wear a Dress Tuesday photo tonight!