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To Life!

6 Jul

It’s not even 10:00 and things are already strange around here – see what happens when I take a day off?!

There is no food in our house so this was what I scrounged up for breakfast.  Not the healthiest of options, but better than pop tarts, right?

I wanted to link up with What I Wore Wednesday to show you my hand-me-down new jacket that my aunt gave me this weekend.  I love shopping in other people’s closets!

The necklace and bracelet I am wearing is from an organization called Bead For Life.  Their mission statement:

Check out their website!

And now (because of the name, “Bead For Life”) I’ve officially got the Fiddler on the Roof song, “L’chai-im!” stuck in my head.  Have a great day!

To life! To life! L’chai-im! …