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26 Aug

During my third year of seminary I was taking a class called “Crisis Ministry”.  At the end of the semester we had to create a crisis response for our future churches in a natural disaster.  My friend Sarah was getting ready to head back to her home state of Florida, so naturally she created a response to a hurricane.  Knowing that I eventually wanted to end up back in New England – and professing the fact that “New England never gets hit by hurricanes” – I created a disaster response to a big blizzard.

Notice the only state on the East Coast that is not getting hit by this hurricane.

I’m not laughing.

I’m too busy trying to decide if and when we should cancel meetings and weekend Youth Group activities.

Sarah, can I have a copy of your hurricane disaster response?

I put together a simple pasta salad for a potluck dinner that I went to tonight.  It needed something in the line of spices or flavoring (suggestions?) but half of it was fresh from the garden!

The dinner was with this year’s Confirmation class!  It is such great a group of kids and I had so much fun with them and their moms tonight (I think we scared off the dads, haha).  We were able to hang out on the deck and enjoy the evening (it might be the last time we get to do that before Irene makes her grand entrance!).


On a more serious note – because of my sweet husbands affinity to outdoor and fishing blogs, I’ve gotten to know several of the bloggers.  Bruce told me tonight that Alan of Small Stream Reflections had a mild stroke.  Hop over there and wish him well if you get a chance!

It’s The Simple Things

14 Jul

No time for anything fancy this morning.

Peanut Butter & Jelly for breakfast.  That’s okay, right?

I have a long to-do list so I’m going to hit publish and forge ahead.  But I did want to let you all know that I’ve set some time aside today to be in prayer up in the sanctuary.  There are a lot of things on my heart and on the hearts of my friends and I want some time to pour them out.

If there is anything or anyone you would like me to pray for today, feel free to shout it out in the comment section or send me an email (sarahelizabethweaver[at]gmail[dot]com).  I once read that “there is power in prayer knowing that someone is praying for you.”  Isn’t that beautiful?

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Thursday Prayers

7 Jul

Some days this is just necessary.


I’ve got a ton to do this morning, but wanted to mention a few things …

1. My mother-in-law is having surgery on her foot this morning.  Pray that everything goes smoothly and that the road to recovery is a short one!
2. My parents are flying down to Florida today to see the final shuttle launch ever!  I am sure they would appreciate prayers for traveling mercies (and I will post any photos they send me!).
3. The scaffolding is going up on the church today to finish the work needing to be done on our steeple.  I am currently going back and forth between being so incredibly thankful for everyone who has donated so that we could finish the work and frantically praying for the safety of the guys doing the work.  Y’all – the scaffolding is high!

That’s all I’ve got!  Have a great day!

Finding Balance In My Life

24 Jun

First of all – a big thanks for all of the responses, both here and on facebook, to the call for prayers this morning.  Sara says that her mom is stable and resting, but they still have a long way to go before they figure out what, exactly, is going on.

Bruce and I went out “to run a few quick errands” this afternoon and ended up just getting home now!  Does that ever happen to you?  We were going to go out tonight, but decided to stay in because we’re both feeling a little run down.

While we were out and about, we realized neither one of us had really had lunch and we were still about 45 minutes from home.  There was a Chicago Uno’s in the shopping complex that we were in, so we decided to stop in for a deep dish pizza!

Can you believe the two of us couldn’t even finish that?  They fill you up faster than you would think.


Sooooo … I have a confession.  Actually, it’s not really a confession, because I’m not sure that I really realized it was happening until today.  But here goes:  I have not really been taking care of myself lately.

I am kind of embarrassed to admit this (my blog is about finding balance after all!), but it is really not good.  My eating schedule is out of whack, I am not consistently working out, I don’t sleep well (mostly because I fall asleep with my iPhone or computer in bed), my stomach spends more time than I would like it to in knots, I don’t regularly fit in time for prayer and meditation (that one really bothers me because it was a pledge I made at my ordination) and I’m never really relaxed.  To some extent, I think I am just dealing with having a new job and trying to figure out how and where to find balance.  To another extent, I think that if I start out off-balance, I will never get myself to where I need to be.  And I have been here for three months – it is time to create habits that will keep me healthy.

Bruce and I were talking about this at dinner tonight and I actually pulled an old receipt out of my wallet, wrote a pledge on the back of it to live a healthier lifestyle and signed it.

I had Bruce sign it too!

After that, we talked about ways that I could achieve this pledge.  Here are some of my ideas so far:

  • Spend less time on my phone (phone = phone, text, email, twitter, facebook, etc.).
  • Spend quality time on the computer, not high quantities of time.  I need to unplug more often.
  • Regulate my sleep schedule (getting electronics out of bed will hopefully get me to bed earlier and give me a higher quality sleep).
  • Either cut back on my coffee or drink it with some milk to cut out the acid (my poor stomach some days …).
  • Eat three meals a day at normal times!
  • Exercise (and on days when I can’t fit in a workout at least find a few minutes to stretch before I go to bed).
  • Devote time every day to prayer and meditation.  There are so many different ways to unwind, dig into scripture, meditate and devote and, quite frankly, I’m horrified that I don’t do it more often.  As I explore my own faith and spirituality I will hopefully find ways to share with you all what I’m learning.

That is what I have so far.  Am I missing anything?

Thank you for journeying with me, friends.  xoxo

Prayer Requests

24 Jun

Today’s breakfast:

Whole Wheat Pancakes + Heated Up Peanut Butter + Granola

Delicious, but I feel like I can’t yammer on about food today.


I got a text from my sweet friend Sara that said they were on their way to the hospital to see her mom, who had a stroke.  Please pray for Sara and her family.  I wish I was there.

Also – I came across Susan’s blog on Tuesday and thought it was cute and something that I would enjoy reading.  The next day she found out she had cancer.  I can’t even imagine.  Please hop over there and give her your love and prayers.

Grace & Peace, Friends …


2 Jun

Good morning!

There’s something different in my coffee cup this morning …

Ethiopian Harar from Fat Puppy!

Sean’s tasting notes:

  • This medium roasted Harar coffee reminds me of a dark fruit wine.  Think blackcurrant flavors.  You may even taste some cedar and chocolate.  It is a well balanced coffee with a good body and acidity.
  • This coffee comes from a Co-op of farms from the eastern Harar region.

He’s right when he says ‘well balanced’.  There is a ton of aroma to this coffee, but the flavor isn’t harsh at all.  I definitely taste a hint of the cedar too.  There is a spice to this coffee that I really like (but not spice in the ‘hot sauce’ kind of way).

Paired with a simple bagel so the coffee could get all of the attention this morning!


On a serious note, we were under tornado watches and warnings all night.  We’re okay in Rehoboth, but the UCC church in Monson, Massachusetts (central MA) lost their steeple.

I can’t even imagine.  Please be in prayer for this community!

Let There Be Peace On Earth

2 May
A Prayer Of Peace

God of Peace,
Be with us now as we move into a new time and place as a country and as a world.
Comfort those who still grieve.
Guide those who still worry.
Shield those who are still in harm’s way.
Remind us that we are your servants who are called to do your work.
Let us use our hands not as tools in which to clap and cheer, but as tools in which to work for peace.
Help us to find peace on Earth.
Let there be peace on Earth.

Rest In Peace Charlotte Newton

18 Apr

Dear Charlotte,

I cannot believe I am actually writing this letter.  I knew you were sick.  I knew you had lived a good life.  And yet – there is still a part of me that doesn’t believe that you are gone.  I am relieved that you are at peace.  But I am still heartbroken.

Charlotte, I starting coming to the church in Kent when I was eight years old.  From the very beginning I was fascinated by you and Will.  You were farmers!  You had cows!  Will drove a tractor!  Your old farmhouse had so many cool nooks and crannies.  And the horses – well, I was an eight-year-old girl.  The fact that you had horses pretty much made you two the coolest people in the entire church.

But beyond cool and fascinating – you by far were the sweetest people I had ever met.  With my grandparents living so far away, you and Will really played the role of surrogate grandparents to me.  You talked to me during coffee hour, you welcomed me into your home when my mom would visit and you always asked about my life outside of church.  You cared about me – I knew that.

One summer when I was home for college Will was having surgery on his back and you asked if I would be willing to stay with you while he recovered.  I am being completely genuine when I say that the few weeks I stayed with you were some of the most fun weeks of the entire summer.  You showed so much hospitality to me, asking what kind of food I normally ate – and setting the table for me so I could have a sit down breakfast every morning!  I would normally come home from work, chat with you for awhile and then go out for a run.  By the time I came home from my run you would be in bed, but not asleep.  You would hear me come up the stairs, call my name and I would sit in your room and talk until you started to fall asleep.  I will always treasure those conversations.  I remember one day coming home and telling you that I had a date the next day – you were so excited!  You squealed like one of my 20-something girlfriends.  And of course you wanted to know all of the details the next day.  Your memory was strong – but your friendship was even stronger.

Charlotte, you were one of my biggest supporters in the church.  I loved looking out into the congregation when I was preaching and seeing you smile back at me.  You were always the first person I would check in with after the service was over.  You couldn’t see very well these last couple of years, but somehow you always knew it was me when I walked over.  That touched me in ways I will never be able to describe.

I went to bed last night praying for you.  I don’t know what, exactly, I was praying for.  You lived a wonderful life.  I didn’t want you to be in pain, but I wasn’t ready to let you go either.  Maybe I was just praying for peace – peace for you and peace for all of us who mourn your death.  Peace for Will who was a devoted husband for 70+ years.  Peace for your daughter, peace for your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren.

I woke up thinking about you.  I found out you passed right before I left for church.  I numbly gathered my things and drove to church.  I sat at my desk and stared at my sermon.  Tears started to well up in my eyes and then I realized that if you had been there you probably would have told me to pull it together!  So I slipped back into my four-inch heels, straightened my suit jacket and prepared myself for worship.

And it was an awesome worship.  You would have been proud.

Thank you for being a surrogate grandmother.  Thank you for being a friend.  Thank you for being an inspiration.

I love you.  I miss you already.  We will all take good care of Will.


The Things I’ve Learned Today

17 Apr

It was a working kind of day today. Here are the things that I learned …

1. It is exhausting to start a new position at a church right before Holy Week.  Not impossible.  Just exhausting.
2. A sweet church member of mine from Connecticut is not doing well.  She and her husband were another set of grandparents to me growing up.  Please pray for Charlotte and her husband Will.
3. Pizza is a meal that is good for the soul.  Adding a salad makes it a health(ier) meal that is good for the soul.

At this point a pastoral prayer is all that stands between me and my pillow.  Goodnight all!

Something’s Blooming …

14 Apr

… at the parsonage!

The first spring in a new house is always fun – you never know what you’re going to find in your yard!

Bruce made a-maaaazing panini-like sandwiches for dinner tonight!

Let’s see … here are the fixin’s:

  • Grilled Chicken
  • Bacon
  • Spinach
  • Cheese

We both agreed that a few slivers of onion would have pushed this over the top!  But delicious regardless.

I’ve been thinking about prayer a lot lately.  I mean – more so than usual.  This morning’s Daily Devotional from the UCC got me thinking – this part especially …

There is power in prayer as there is power in knowing that someone is praying for you. This person who loves you like this is constantly praying for you and holding you in their heart. What a blessing it is to be watched over like this every day.

Isn’t that beautiful?  That phrase, “there is power in knowing that someone is praying for you” gives me chills.

Anyway – please pray for my grandmother.  She is having some health problems and I know would love to feel the power of your prayers.

Thanks friends!  xoxo