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Let’s Go Fly A Kite

3 Oct

Bruce and I took advantage of our mutual days off and took a trip down to Newport to have lunch and fly a kite today!

It was kind of an epic fail.  It was really windy … up until we bought the kite and attempted to fly it.  Then it was still. Ha!

We had lunch at The Black Pearl – outside by the water!

I had an omelet with ham and jack cheese, which was served with french fries and a delicious vegetable medley.

The weather could not have been more perfect today!

The tourists were out in full force – two cruise ships were in the harbor!  Whoa.

We’re home and I’m getting ready to go to book club.  I am loving The Help!

Colt State Park

20 Sep

When Bruce started working a few weeks ago, we weren’t really sure what his schedule as going to look like so we just kind of took things one day at a time and did the best we could to spend time together when both of us weren’t working.

Unfortunately – our schedules were completely clashing!  We made due for awhile, but there comes a point where we actually want to see each other, haha.  Bruce tends to have Sundays and Mondays off so I have decided to switch my day off so we at least have the option of one day together.  I did have some meetings tonight, but we took off this morning to explore Colt State Park in Bristol, Rhode Island.

It was a gorgeous fall day!  We were both in jeans and long-sleeved shirts and that was perfect.

I’m starting to wonder if I will ever get used to the fact that I live this close to the coast!  I hope not – it’s kind of a cool novelty. 

Bruce didn’t have any fishing rods along on this trip and – of course – we kept passing spots where he could tell there were a lot of big fish.  Next time, Bruce!

We weren’t really in the mood for a big sit down meal, so we stopped at Panera (we had some other errands to finish in the area) on our way home for lunch:

I had a Thai Chopped Chicken Salad.  Very good – they don’t skimp on the salad fixin’s there!

Dinner was late, because I didn’t get home again until 8:30.  We started the night by taste testing some cheese for Foodbuzz (more to come on that tomorrow) … 

… and then Bruce pulled this out of the crockpot!

My sweet husband put the following in the crockpot this afternoon:

  • Beef Roast
  • 1 Can Beef Broth
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Kale
  • Splash Liquid Smoke
  • Splash Vinegar
  • Pepper

And let it cook on high for a couple of hours.

We haven’t used the crockpot in awhile – that needs to change.

Bruce also bought a pumpkin beer to pair with the meal for the two of us to share.

Honestly, I didn’t really like it – but I don’t like fruity beers so I’m probably the wrong person to ask.  Bruce really liked it, though – so don’t be deterred by my strange palate!

Wow, 10:45 already?  What a day.  I really enjoyed the time away, though, even if it was only for half the day.  It was so peaceful and a nice escape.  Lovely!


Early Morning Crisp Walks

17 Sep

My sister and I took a walk in the cool, crisp 46 degree morning!

Gorgeous!  We did about 3 miles – it was lovely!

We came back to my parents house for a home cooked brunch by my dad!


Unfortunately, it’s time for me to get back on the road.  See you in Rehoboth!

Shakespeare For My Father

17 Sep

Wow … Tonight was incredible.

I went with my parents tonight to the opening night of a local production of Shakespeare For My Father, a play written and originally performed by our sweet friend Lynn Redgrave.  I’m not sure I can really put into words just how well the actress playing Lynn, Susan Pettibone, embodied Lynn’s character.  It was unreal, emotional, surreal

It was … magical. 

It was theater at its best.  We all miss her so much – but felt like she was there tonight.  My hats off to director Jane Farnol and everyone at Theatre Works!

Our night started at The Cookhouse (they need to migrate east to Rehoboth!).

Bread & Biscuits to start off the meal … 

And Chicken Fried Chicken and Sweet Potato Fries for dinner!

(Ironically enough, I had the same meal the night I passed my ecclesiastical council – who knew I would be called to Rehoboth two months later?)

We got back to my parents house and my dad and I promptly went on Samuel French‘s website and ordered copies of the script.  It is just beautifully written and brilliant on so many levels that I want a copy close by my desk!

I’m sorry if this post is so jumbled.  My emotions are all over the place tonight.  ‘Night all!

No one dies who is remembered.

See New England With The Weavers Volume 1

6 Sep

Bruce and I have been in dire need of some time alone and away lately, so we spent a little bit of time planning a day trip this morning.

(Oh – I guess I should say that when I say ‘planning’ I mean we decided where we wanted to go, used our phones to get us there, got a map at the visitors center once we got there and then played it by ear for the rest of the day.  I love our method!)

Our destination?

Plymouth Rock!  Plymouth, Massachusetts is only about an hour from us and was such an easy drive.  It’s a port town, so once we were able to do some touristy and beach-type things.

(The rock is in there!)

The Mayflower!The historic sites in Plymouth are absolutely unreal …

An old courthouse … 

I was the judge!

Bruce was the jury!

(I absolutely adore this sign!)

This is the First Parish Church.  It is was the name implies – the first church in Plymouth.  The history behind this church is actually kind of fascinating.  It was founded in 1606 in England and came over on the Mayflower.  It was the original ‘meetinghouse’ in Plymouth, but made the move to become Unitarian in 1800!  There was a lot of controversy with the move and several members ended up leaving and founding their own church …

The Church Of The Pilgrimage.  This church was founded as a congregational church and is now a member of the United Church of Christ – part of the Massachusetts Conference, just like the Rehoboth Congregational Church!  I was peaking in the windows and Bruce said, “You really want to get inside, don’t you?”  Ha – yes I did. :)We were starting to lose some momentum, so we stopped for a quick bite to eat at a little cafe.

Can you believe we actually split this sandwich?  This was only my half!  I don’t know why we have never thought of this sooner, but by splitting something we saved some money and didn’t waste any food (on trips like this we can’t really take leftovers).  Energy restored! The walking / picture taking may commence.

A working grist mill!

It was such a GORGEOUS day out!

There are times (most of them in fact) that neither one of can really believe how close we are to the water – I love it!

I love him.Today was really everything that we needed – both individually as a couple.  We both feel so refreshed and ready to take on the week!

Back At It

21 Aug

We are up and at ’em and packing our stuff … 😦

iPhone pic from last night outside of the officer’s club!

We were contemplating breaking up our drive and stopping somewhere along the way for the night, but I got called about a funeral yesterday and want to get home tonight so I have time to get ready to meet with the family tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to sleeping in my own bed, anyway!

See you in Massachusetts!

I Do!

21 Aug


I am so happy for them – more pics to come later when I get them off my camera!

Relaxi Taxi

19 Aug

Check out the views from the rooftop pool at our hotel!

We have had such a relaxing day!  After breakfast this morning (I forgot my camera, but picture a very big buffet) Bruce and I headed out to run some errands.  While we were out I came to the conclusion that my hair was driving me crazy and found a place to get it cut!  Post-errand-running we headed out to the pool and now are relaxing in our room.

Anyone want to go in on a boat with me?  I think it could be a good investment.

Rehearsal starts at 5!

There’s Going To Be A Wedding …

19 Aug

Check out the view from my hotel room!

We are in Hampton, Virginia (Virgina Beach!) for the wedding of two of our most favorite people in the world!

While Bruce was out bachelor-partying last night, I took advantage of the I’m-on-vacation-and-can-splurge-on-room-service and ordered in!

Post-dinner I met up with some of the girls for drinks and chatting.

We sat right on that water and talked until almost midnight.  The boys arrived shortly thereafter and Gib, Justine, Bruce and I hung out until we all realized that we should probably call it a night and go our separate ways.

I snapped this picture on my iPhone last night – at the time we were 38 hours away!

We’re off to run some errands!

Roasting With Fat Puppy Coffee Roasters

18 Aug

Guess what I got to do tonight?

Visit Fat Puppy Coffee Roasters!  While we were in town I tweeted Sean and asked if he was roasting (okay, okay, I hinted that I wanted him to roast) and we met up with him this evening.

First – a tour around the space:

The roaster!

Green coffee beans – in their purest form.

Ready to be roasted!

But first …

Sean brewed some Decaf Sumatra to drink while we roasted.  I’ve never been a fan of decaf because I feel like so much of the flavor is lost in the decaffeinating process, but I think Sean is on to something with this.  I’m not sure I would have known it was decaf if he hadn’t told me.

(Umm, I totally bought that mug.  You’ll see it again.)

He was roasting coffee for orders, which was fun to watch.  He’s got a neat system to fill orders.

The process is complicated, so I’m not going to try to explain it (I would probably butcher it!), but I will say this:  As the roaster heats up and roasts the beans, they go from green to yellow to the deep brown.  And the smell changes from beans to coffee!

Sean pulled the beans out periodically to check the progress.  Once the roaster hit his desired temperature (in the 400 degree’s – hot!), the roasting was done and it was time for the beans to cool.

They are super hot when they come out of the roaster, but cool off pretty quickly.

And then they get bagged!

Coffee roasting really is a neat process.  It is much more complex than I ever realized!  It was fun to talk to Sean about it, because he really knows both the coffee end of things and the business end of things.  And he was so patient with all of the questions that both Bruce and I had.  Bruce and I are really picky about the coffee that we drink and absolutely loved to learn more about how it gets from the farm to our kitchen.

AND Sean sent us home with a bag of Ethiopian Harar – I cannot wait to get it home!

11:30 already?  Goodnight!