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Crazy Days And Tuesdays

4 Oct

Okay, today just got away from me.

❤ Wear a Dress Tuesday.

Rainey sent me this last week!  Don’t you love this color?  I adore it and I adore it on her.

Lunch was eaten in between meetings and hospital visits.  Leftovers from last night – I didn’t have any tomatoes though.  Bummer!

For dinner, I was craving comfort food:

I think Baked Ziti qualifies.

I don’t have much of a recipe, because I wasn’t thrilled with it.  But I used ricotta cheese AND mozzarella, which gave it amaaaaaazing flavor.

I am currently locking myself in my office so I can get some work done.

I am going to kick off my heels though.

I think I deserve it.

Odds are you deserve it too. 🙂

Happy Wear a Dress Tuesday!

Tuesday Psalm

27 Sep

It’s incredibly foggy out, I have a sinus headache and I just got a string of bad news.


I’m hoping Wear a Dress Tuesday will cure the fogginess and the Tylenol Sinus I just took will deal with the headache.  As for the bad news?  A Psalm … 


Hear, O Lord, when I cry aloud, be gracious to me and answer me!  “Come,” my heart says, “seek his face!”  Your face, Lord, do I seek.  I believe that I shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.  Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!
Psalm 27:7-14
grace & peace, friends …

Balancing Work & Relationship

13 Sep

Happy Wear a Dress Tuesday!

I’m never sure what to wear during these in-between seasons.  I want so badly for it to be fall but it is still going to be 82 degrees today!  Definitely not sweaters-and-boots-weather.

I woke up this morning feeling worlds better than yesterday!  Bruce had the day off so I slowly got myself ready and made breakfast for the two of us before I left for work.

 Egg & Cheese Sandwiches on English Muffins – for two!

These are so simple to make – they literally take me the time it takes for me to toast the English Muffin!  Definitely proof that a good breakfast doesn’t require a lot of time.

Speaking of time … Bruce and I are trying to adjust to our new schedule with him working full-time.  Neither one of us work 9-5 jobs so I’ve been trying to adjust my time away from the office with his days off.  It’s definitely been a challenge, but we’re getting there!  Even the little things, like eating breakfast together on days when we won’t be able to eat dinner together, make a big difference.

How do you all balance working with relationships?

Crazy Days And Rainy Haze

7 Sep

Happy Wear a Dress Tuesday!

The rain really made the air smell like fog today – it was wonderful!  I was so excited to pull on a fall-inspired Wear a Dress Tuesday outfit.  It’s time for boots!

Today really just got away from me (hence posting at 9 pm).  I was scrambling this morning to finish some stuff up (between the power outage and Labor Day I feel like I lost a week and a half off of my life) and then headed down to Fairhaven, Massachusetts to have lunch with some of the other women clergy in my association.  We do this every 4-6 weeks and it is such a wonderful time of fellowship and collegial ministry.  As someone who is just starting out, I feel like these women give me so much!

I had to take a screenshot picture of the map on my phone while I was driving, because there are seriously days when I cannot get over how close I am to water.  Every now and then I drive along the water and see rows and rows of sailboats and want to open my window and ask people if they think it is as cool as I do.

They probably do not.

So I refrain.

Lunch was delicious, but (per usual) the conversation was better.

I cannot believe how late it is – where did the day go?!  Sheesh.  Ever have one of those days?

Musings Of A Twenty-Something Pastor Part III

24 Aug

1. I realized this morning that I never shared yesterday’s Wear a Dress Tuesday picture.  Oh, the horror!

I feel better.

2. I have a funeral today and for various reasons am wearing a clerical collar.

I just wanted to put that out there so that my mom could have a good laugh.

3. I am doing last minute prep for said funeral by doing this …

Drinking Fat Puppy Coffee out of a Fat Puppy Coffee mug!

4. My sweet husband started his new job yesterday!  I think we are still both a little skeptical that this is actually his job, but since they didn’t laugh and send him home yesterday, we’ve announced it officially.  He is working in the Fly Fishing Department at Bass Pro Shops!  The details are all here.

If you know my husband (or just click on his blog) you’ll know that there really isn’t a more perfect job for him than something that allows him the opportunity to talk about fly fishing all day.

5. My office is in the basement of the church and one of my favorite things is when our organist is upstairs in the sanctuary practicing (which he is currently doing).  I’ve contemplated asking him to just come in during the week to play during my office hours.  I’m convinced it would help my productivity.

Speaking of productivity – blogging is NOT helping.  So I’m off!  Have a good day!

Taking This Act On The Road

16 Aug

Happy Wear a Dress Tuesday!

I went with comfortable and casual today because I am taking Wear a Dress Tuesday on the road. 

See you from our destination!

Awesome Combinations

10 Aug

Wear A Dress Tuesday + Vacation Bible School?

Yes, please!

Beatrice is teaching at VBS this week and she and her daughters were all supporting Wear a Dress Tuesday today!  I had a hard time being patient and waiting for VBS to be over for the day so that we could take the picture … 

Sara + Baby celebrated Wear a Dress Tuesday!  I’m pretty sure Baby Boy loves celebrating Wear a Dress Tuesday. 🙂


Let’s see … what else did I do today?  I worked.  A lot. 

I guest posted over at Musings of a Counselor!

And then Bruce made BBQ Grilled Chicken for dinner …

Those green beans are from the garden!

Speaking of the garden, our second crop of lettuce is starting to sprout!  I cannot wait to start pulling that again.  I think I am going to try to harvest as much spinach as possible so I can freeze it.  Any tips?


One final note – I was working on our church website this evening with a church member / html extraordinaire when we stumbled upon a “check-in” facebook for the church and realized we could take it over and create a fan page – so we did!  Check out the Rehoboth Congregational Church Facebook Page here.

That’s all I’ve got – I think I am going to zone out in front of NCIS reruns for the night.  My brain needs a break!

Night all!

Delicious Finds – Food And Fashion

2 Aug

Happy Wear a Dress Tuesday!

I’m wearing nude pumps because according to my girl Cat, Princess Catherine has been strutting around in nude pumps lately.

And seriously – who doesn’t want to dress like a princess every now and then?

The dress is new – found at T.J. Maxx while my mom and I were out and about yesterday.  Check out their new carts!

Um, hysterical.

Also found in our travels:

I like cereal.  I like oatmeal.  I like things that are square.  So I had to try it.

Oh mannnn oh my I have been popping these things in my mouth like M&Ms all afternoon.  Ridiculously tasty and really not all that terrible for you.  My snacking habits are out of control lately – so I figure this is better than chips!

What’s your favorite healthy snack food?

Let Your Hair Down

19 Jul

I was feeling a little tired and sluggish when I went home for dinner this evening, so I decided to pull my hair down and fight back against the humidity!

Surprisingly enough, I feel better!  It’s amazing how much better I feel when I feel like I’m well-put together.

Tonight’s dinner went from garden to table in about 10 minutes!

Busted – the rice came from the pantry.  And the tomatoes from the store.  Ours are big, but still green!  Hopefully next week I will be eating only out of the garden.

A nice fresh salad tastes so delicious on a hot and muggy day, agreed?


I’m at the church getting ready for a meeting – no Pride and Prejudice tonight, ha!

Cure For Tuesday Morning Grogginess

19 Jul

I was very slow to get out of bed this morning and was contemplating jeans when I realized, “It’s Wear a Dress Tuesday!”  Shower, hair and makeup it was. 🙂

Although these days doing my hair means pulling it back into a bun.  It’s too hot for anything else!

It has been a busy day, but I had a wonderful church member bring me lunch.  I love my job.

Gotta go!