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More Wedding Pics!

13 Jun

The thought just crossed my mind that there are a ton of wedding photos that I never shared on here.  I obviously can’t post them all, but here are a few more that I don’t think I ever shared.  Enjoy!

Tables set up ahead of time.  In lieu of flower centerpieces, we put down mirrors and covered them with rose petals and candles.  The light reflected off of the mirror – very cool!

Here’s an idea of what it looked like lit up … 

Candy Buffet = Greatest Idea Ever.

Our rings!  They have our wedding date engraved on the inside, as well as the word ‘peace’ – because that is my prayer for our marriage.

My cousin Gabriella was my flower girl.

She is turning 10 in July.

I’m in denial.

I rocked red lips that day and it was

Side note on my necklace – Bruce bought that for me at the jewelry store when he bought my engagement ring.  He was afraid I was on to him about the fact that he was getting ready to propose so he bought the necklace in the hopes that I would see something pop up on our credit card statement from a jewelry store and be confused as to why it wasn’t as much as an engagement ring would cost.

Then he thought he would tell me, “I have a ring for you” and give me the necklace and say, “Hey, it’s ring shaped!”  But he decided against that.

I think that was wise.

Did I mention I showed up on a firetruck?

Yes, we set off the lights and sirens.  We kind of got caught up in the moment when we were pulling up.

I’m laughing hysterically because we showed up and everyone was pretty much settled in the church (it was already 3:00), but as soon as the siren went off everyone came piling out to see us.

I know everyone says to never give the ring bearer the actual rings, but Bruce insisted and it ended up working out just fine.  Andrew took his job very seriously and handed the rings over to Steph as soon as he got to the front of the church.

The week before the wedding we found out the Bruce’s brother had to report to Sturgeon Bay and his cousin’s wife needed surgery, so Bruce was down two groomsmen.  I thought it would be nice to have his sister stand with him and I’m so glad she did!  It was nice to have siblings on both sides of us.

p.s. See that fan in the back?  Notice how it’s not turned on.

My friend Max presided over the wedding.  I cannot even begin to thank him for all of the things he has done for me over the years.  (Including today – Max, thank you for the email convo about the history of Onward, Christian Soldiers!)

p.p.s. See the windows in the back?  Notice how they are not open.

We put out extra chairs and the downstairs and upstairs were still standing room only.  Insanity.

p.p.s. Did you know that the more people you put into a church, the hotter it gets?  Did I mention that the windows were shut and the fans were never turned on?

I love this one – it’s like they’re saying, “Wowww, you’re really married!”

If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Actually, I would turn on the fan.  And open the windows.  But other than that – I wouldn’t change a thing.

Two Months!!

13 Aug
Okay, so Bruce will mock me shamelessly for doing this, but I so rarely remember anniversaries (we never really celebrated our “dating” anniversary because we would always forget until a few days later) that when I woke up and realized it was August 13th, two months after our wedding, I decided I HAD to pay homage to it!!

Here are the top five things I’ve discovered in our first two months of marriage.
1. Cooking is a much more enjoyable experience when there are no more than five ingredients in the desired recipe.
2. Changing your name is much like deciding to do a big clean out of your house/apartment. You are really enthusiastic about it at first, but lose momentum about halfway through (this is why I’m Sarah Weaver according to social security, the DMV, the bank, my Target Visa and Emory student account, but still Sarah Keck according to my Wachovia Visa, the Emory HR department, Ursinus alumni, my doctors office / insurance and the pharmacy).
3. A new flat-screen TV (courtesy of many saved up Target giftcards) bought the night of a late-night Braves game will most definitely put a smile on your husbands face.
4. Never remind your husband that the oil needs to be changed on your car the week before a road trip. It’s like having him tell you that you need to put makeup on your left eye after just finishing your right eye – you’re well aware and being reminded is slightly insulting.
5. Being called Mrs. (Insert New Last Name Here) will most definitely make you melt into a pile of blissful mush the first couple of times that it happens. Being invited into a family and taking their name is such an amazing and incredible honor. I love being Mrs. Weaver.
This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!!!!!
Psalm 118:24

Show Us Your Life – Wedding Receptions / Honeymoons

6 Aug
We’ve reached the end of another week, which means it’s time for another edition of Kelly’s Korner “Show Us Your Life.”  Today’s topic is wedding receptions and honeymoons.
I’m a very hands on and detail-oriented person.  To save money and make things easier on our guests, we rented out the community house (used for plays, parties, yoga classes, girl scout meetings, etc. etc. etc.) that was directly adjacent to the church.  This meant that we had to take care of everything, including setting up tables and chairs, guest amenities, lights, tulle, etc.  It was stressful and tedious but I LOVED doing it!!
Rather than traditional “flower” centerpieces, I decided to use candles and mirrors.  Because my colors were red and black, my mom and I went to Target the day after Christmas and bought out all of their 75% off red candles leftover from the holiday.  I went to IKEA and bought mirrors and candle holders and we just sporadically placed them on the tables with red rose pedals.  The light from the candles not only reflected off of the mirrors, but also through the glasses set on the tables.

It was really cost effective because we had leftover candles that we use now and we’ll be able to use the mirrors one day when we have more space (we’re in a one bedroom apartment in Atlanta while I finish up my masters).
While we were clearing the Target shelves of their post-Christmas candles, we also bought out their lights, and then strung them with tulle in the rafters.  It looked beautiful, because the whole room was lit only by candlelight and Christmas lights!!
For our wedding favors we decided to buy champagne flutes (we bought these at IKEA 6 for $4) and matchboxes from Ideal Favors.  I typed up a note saying that we hoped every time people toasted with the glasses that they think about all the blessings they have in their lives.  My sister and I put them together in about two days and they were less than $1 apiece.  I would recommend something like that!!
This was one of my FAVORITE parts of the reception – a candy buffet!!  It’s a really inexpensive crowd pleaser, especially if you have kids at the wedding (we had tons).  By the time I actually got to the buffet (at the end of the night when there were only a couple of people left talking to us) there were only a handful of gobstoppers and lifesavers left!!
We hired local caterers and they were AMAZING.  We had a full spread of appetizers and then a dinner buffet.  The bar had soda, water, beer and wine.  Everyone tells me that the food was incredible but I only took about a bite of dinner when I saw someone I hadn’t had a chance to talk to yet and got distracted!!  Did that happen to anyone else?
Our beautiful cake.  Again – people told me it was delicious, but after the one bite Bruce and I fed each other, we got pulled away to say goodbye to someone, and then to take pictures with someone else, etc. etc. etc. and before we knew it the cake was gone!! (We still do have the top tier, although it’s in my parent’s freezer in CT and we live in GA!!)

Once dinner was cleared we all danced the night away!!  A note on our music – my father is a music teacher and has all sorts of sound systems at his disposal.  To save money, we decided not to hire a DJ, rather we created playlists on iTunes, had my dad bring in a sound system and we hooked my computer into it.  He hooked up a microphone so that Bruce and I – as well as different friends and family – could announce when different things were happening throughout the night.
Our first dance was to Etta James’ At Last.  We actually decided on that back in January when we were watching coverage of the inaugural balls.  Granted – Beyonce wasn’t there to sing it for us – but if it was good enough for the president, it was good enough for us!!
The bouquet toss … 
Bruce and his groomsmen – “I’ve got friends in low places … “
And, of course, a wedding wouldn’t be complete without the YMCA!!
We honeymooned in Rehobeth Beach, DE.  We actually both grew up vacationing with our families at various Delaware beaches, so it was fun to go to a place that was familiar to both of us but to share it with each other as husband and wife.  We stayed right on the bay, but could walk across the street to the ocean.  I wore flip flops that had “Just Married” written on the bottoms so it left that in the sand!!  We laid on the beach, went crabbing, shopping, ate good food and slept A LOT.  The week flew by and we were NOT ready to leave!!
Thanks for stopping by!!

Show Us Your Life – Bridal Party & Flowers/Ceremony

31 Jul
Today is another edition of Kelly’s Korner Show Us Your Life.  Today’s topic is bridal party and flowers/ceremony.
So …

Welcome to my wedding day!!

We got married on June 13, 2009 (only about a month and a half ago!!)
We were married at the First Congregational Church of Kent in Kent, CT – a VERY small (less than 3,000 people) town in northwestern Connecticut.  My mom has been the pastor of this church for the past 15 years and it was really special to be able to share this special day not only with my friends and family, but with a group of people who watched me grow up.
People were shocked when I told them that my mom was NOT performing the wedding ceremony, but this wasn’t ever a possibility for me.  She needed to be the mother of the bride.  A good friend of mine actually performed the ceremony – he was ordained the summer before I went to seminary and I admire him as a person and as a minister.

The church is classic New England – a wooden church with a big white steeple, no air conditioning and BOY was it HOT under all that tulle!!
For those of you Gilmore Girls fan, Kent is very much like Stars Hollow – a friend of mine from Georgia came in for the weekend and she said she felt like she was living in an episode of Gilmore Girls!!

Here are the bridesmaids beautiful flowers.  The girls were in red and I didn’t want red on red, but wasn’t sure what my other options were.  My florist suggested orange with some yellow and I’m SO glad I trusted her.  They were beautiful!!

We had two arrangements to match the bridesmaids flowers at the church.  That was it for decorations – I didn’t want to take away from the simple beauty that is an old congregational church.
I walked down the isle to the Taize song, El Senyor (In The Lord).  Bruce proposed to me at an altar filled with candles after a Taize service at our church and that was the song that was playing.  To hear it as I walked down the isle brought me back to the night he proposed.
Our ceremony was really well-crafted.  A friend of mine sang “How Great Thou Art” and “Someone Like You,” another friend read from John 15 (I am the vine, you are the branches) and Max preached a sermon about how we were not only celebrating the covenant Bruce and I were making, but also the family and friends that we are connected to through the Body of Christ.  The sermon was right before the vows and I never imagined I would be so touched by a sermon just before saying my wedding vows.  It was JUST what I wanted.
So … my bridal party.
Two weeks before the wedding we got word that Bruce’s brother, the best man, was being stationed at a Coast Guard base two days before the wedding and wouldn’t be able to be there.  It’s so hard to be so proud of someone for what they’re doing and yet so disappointed at the same time.  About a week later, Bruce’s cousin (another groomsmen) found out that his wife needed surgery.  He really wanted to be there, but Bruce assured him that being with his wife and one-year-old son was more important.  
At that point we had six bridesmaids and four groomsmen so we asked Bruce’s sister (one of my bridesmaids) if she would be the “best woman” and she stood next to Bruce for the ceremony.  In a way, we were making the best out of a bad situation, but I also thought it was special that Steph could do that for Bruce – they’ve always had a special relationship.

This is me and my bridesmaids and my dad before we all hopped on the fire truck and road to the church.
My adorable flower girl is my cousin, who is eight years old (I had to use this picture because it was too adorable to pass up).  My aunt adopted her from Vietnam when she was four months old and she had brought so much joy to our family.  When they went to the orphanage to pick her up, my two aunts and my mom (my mom and other aunt had gone to Vietnam for three weeks for the adoption) all wore red because it is the Vietnamese color symbolizing good luck and happiness.  That’s why I chose red for my bridesmaids!!
My sister is standing behind my flower girl, she was my maid of honor.  I’m being honest when I say that the wedding wouldn’t have gone off without her – she was AMAZING and took care of details and was just amazing.
And now for one of my favorites … 

Bruce has some of the most AWESOME friends who he asked to be groomsmen.  We were down two groomsmen but they did everything they could for me and my family the weekend of the wedding to try to make things go as smoothly as possible.  The hung tulle, they mowed lawns, they made small talk and they helped with music at the reception.  I’m so glad to be able to have them in my life now!!
Thanks for stopping by!!
Smile big, love hard, rejoice always, find grace and live in peace,

Show Us Your Life – Wedding Dresses

24 Jul
Kelly’s Korner’s “Show Us Where You Live Friday” has branched off into “Show Us Your Life” and today’s edition is Wedding Dresses!! I thought I would join in on the fun since I’m not even two months into my marriage and have been showing little tidbits of the wedding anyway.
So here goes …

I got my dress at David’s Bridal.  My mom and sister and I went in shortly after I got engaged “just to look” and before we knew we just got swept away in the process and bought the dress, shoes, undergarments, tiara and two veils.  My father was both amused and horrified when we got home.  There were times throughout the planning process that I wished I had taken more time to shop around, saved some money, picked either the veil OR the tiara, etc.  But in the end, I LOVED every piece of what I wore that day and wouldn’t have traded it for anything!!
(and I found ways to cut costs in other places – my father was grateful!!)

About a week before I went looking for dresses, I attended a friend’s wedding and was introduced to the “pull-up” look.  I fell in LOVE with it and knew I had to have a dress with that style on the bottom.
The bodice of the dress had a really slimming frame as well as beautiful beading that ended up matching the tiara PERFECTLY (fate, right?)

There was a beautiful simplicity about the dress, so my hairdresser matched it with an elegant Audrey Hepburn, swept back look.
To contrast that look, I used dark make-up – smoky eyes and deep red lipstick and nails.
… the red matched the Fire Truck!!
This is how my girls and I got to the church.  My mom is a pastor in a really small town in Connecticut.  The local fire department is really active and many of our church members are firefighters.  The department was gracious enough to let one of the members drive me and my girls to the church on the truck!!  It was awesome – my veil flew out the window and as we approached the church the siren went off!!  Talk about a grand entrance.
Walking down the isle – Bruce hadn’t seen my dress before so when the doors to the church opened he just smiled and smiled.  I was SO happy to see him!!
One of my favorites – is hanging above my fireplace right now 🙂
I LOVE my top gun sunglasses and had to have them on for at least one picture!!  This picture kind of makes me feel like Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.
I kept my veil on all night – Bruce asked me why and I told him because I would only get the chance to do this once!!
Once we bustled the train it just flowed with me and I felt like an absolute princess!!  A night I will never forget!!
Thanks for stopping by!!
Sarah 🙂

Things That Make Me Smile: Groomsmen

10 Jul
Well, moods like mine in the last post can’t last long when I was able to enjoy a traffic-free ride to the grocery store and home on my scooter, with temperatures in the 80s and a slight break in the humidity.
As I pulled in my apartment complex, I had a brilliant blog idea – “Things That Make Me Smile.”  Not necessarily a remedy, just little reminders every now and then that even when life is making me sigh, there are SO many things that make me smile.
So here it is – the first installment of Things That Make Me Smile.
Today’s installment … GROOMSMEN!!
My groomsmen (okay, okay, I know TECHNICALLY they’re Bruce’s groomsmen, but what’s his is mine, right?) were AMAZING.  Absolutely positively incredible.  They came to Connecticut for a fun-filled weekend of fishing and hiking.  They probably never thought that they would end up on 12-foot ladders hanging lights and tulle for the reception as well-intentioned church ladies told them “a little to the left, no that doesn’t look good,” mowing my parents lawn, driving an hour each way TWICE to pick up the tuxes (once to pick up the tuxes and twice to pick up the one that was originally shipped to Reading, PA) and showing up an hour early at the church because “that’s what Sarah told us to do.”
Not to mention … they’re all really cool guys.
All these reasons are reason enough to make me smile.  But then this picture … 
… makes me smile even more.
Thanks guys!!  I’m so glad Bruce has awesome friends like you that have now come into my life!!
What about the rest of you all?  What are the things that make YOU smile?  I guarantee a post about them will make your day better!!

The Climb (for the Georgia Peach)

29 Jun
I have NO idea where the weekend went!! Bruce and I had “date night” on Friday night. While we were on our honeymoon, we decided to institute a once a week date night. We didn’t put any restrictions on where, when or how, but we did say that once a week (and once school starts back it needs to be for at least a couple of hours – now it’s sort of one night a week) we will do something for the two of us. We decided Friday would be good last week because it was the end of our first week back at work and we knew would need a night out!! We went to Chili’s and then came home to watch he’s just not that into you. It was phenomenal!! I wish it had been out when I first started college – I think I may have made some different decisions – though I hate to think of experiences as mistakes (more on that later).
We really wanted to sleep in on Saturday morning, but I needed to go the DMV to get my name changed on my license. Not only was it a name change, but I was transfering my Connecticut license to Georgia. I didn’t anticipate it being a process. Ohhhh, how naive I can be.
First of all, I wasn’t paying attention when I was mapping the closest location. Because I thought there was a DMV location at North Dekalb Mall. Turns out (after going there and wandering around the mall aimlessly for 20 minutes) the location is at South Dekalb Mall. But we didn’t go straight there. Bruce took us to the location he knew from when we registered the Jeep in Georgia last year – but when we got there we realized that it was a tag office, not a DDS (where you can get a license). So THEN we went to the location at South Dekalb Mall. We waited in line for 20-25 minutes, got to the front of the line and the woman told me that I would need my birth certificate. Now – my birth certificate is safely tucked away in my parent’s safe deposit box in Connecticut (I know, great place for it, right?). I was floored by this discovery, because I was SO CAREFUL to read the instructions online. I just couldn’t believe that I had missed the part that told me I HAD to have my birth certificate. So the woman told me I was out of luck, and sent me on my way with the paper that said what I needed. So we’re walking towards the car, reading the sheet where I read that I need “one item from column A.” Which meant I needed either an original and/or certified copy of my birth certificate or my passport. I had my passport with me. (I KNEW I had read somewhere that I could use my passport!!) So – back in line for 25 minutes where Bruce and I ask the woman if my passport would suffice, because it seems like it should. She (condescendingly, if you ask me) asked me if I had my passport, scoffed at the fact that I did and then gave me a number. Let me ask you this – why are people so rude when I walk in prepared and with a smile on my face?!
Needless to say … three locations, two tries at the line and about 3 1/2 hours later – Sarah Weaver is a licensed Georgia driver!!
It’s amazing, though, how much time is wasted at the DMV. We really didn’t get much done after we got home.
On Sunday we were at church for the morning and part of the afternoon – Kim had asked me if I could teach the UCC part of the Inquierers Class that was taking place after church. We had about 12 people interested in joining!! (For our size church, that’s incredible) We got home from the class and only had about an hour before I had an appointment at the Apple Store – there is a backlight problem on my computer screen and it needed to be sent out. We got home and I was just exhausted. Little things accumulated all weekend and – combined with the fact that it was still oppressively hot & humid in Atlanta – I was on the verge of a meltdown. I just felt like I had two days where I didn’t really do much (I still have clean laundry on my floor needing to be put away) and I didn’t get anything done. A waste of time? Maybe. But here’s where today’s wedding story comes in …
I was having a hard time finding a father/daughter dance. Most of the really good ones are also REALLY country – and my father isn’t a fan (to put it nicely) of most country music. So Bruce and I decided to try to pick songs that spoke to the relationship that we have with my father and his mother. I thought back to my freshmen year of college – my parents gave me a journal before I left and they both wrote notes in it. My father wrote – simply – “no experience is ever a waste of time” and has repeatedly told me that in the 6 years since I started at Ursinus. It’s simple, but has really resonated in me. I know my actions and decisions haven’t always reflected the person I want to become – but they are all part of the road that have gotten me here – and will get me where I want to be.
I couldn’t think of a better song to describe my appreciation for what my dad has done for me than Miley Cyrus’ The Climb. It’s all about the fact that the journey is what is important, not the destination. Before each song started, Bruce and I took to the microphone to explain why the song was so important to us. Here is my dad and me dancing …

He was telling me that he didn’t recognize the artist. I told him that it was Miley Cyrus, Billy Rae Cyrus’ daughter. He said “Ohh.” Then I had to admit it to him: His daughter had picked the single off of the Hannah Montanta movie to dance with him to at her wedding …
… a lot of laughter ensued. Followed by my dad saying, “Well, no experience is ever a waste of time!!”
So – even though this weekend was a little frustrating, NO experience is ever a waste of time. It’s about the journey – it’s about the climb!!
Peace & Blessings,
Sarah 🙂

First Dance, Sales and Summer in Atlanta

25 Jun
So, in response to yesterday’s post about The Hunger Site, my mom forwarded me an e-mail promo they have right now:  Buy $20 worth of merchandise and get a FREE pair of Cultivate Peace Hologram Flip Flops!!  SO tempting.  I haven’t done it yet, but the day isn’t over … 
Take a look at our five day forecast in Atlanta … 

… that’s right – we’re seeing nothing below 90 with LOTS of humidity!!  After spending the winter finding creative ways to bundle up on the scooter because it was so cold when I got up to speed, I now find myself baking in the sun at red lights.  We’ve tried to keep our thermostat set around 75 and even then the AC runs nonstop to keep it even that cool.  I need to remind myself that – even in the United States – air conditioning is still a luxury.  Not a year goes by where there isn’t a heat-related death that could have been prevented with access to air conditioning or better hydration.  For all of us down south – let’s remember to count our air conditioning as a BLESSING (even when we get the bill from Georgia Power)!!
SO – Back to the wedding!!
I never really liked the idea of the traditional “bride and groom dance to a super slow song, rocking back and forth while everyone stares at them” first dance.  I just didn’t think I could tune everyone out watching and have a really intimate moment and enjoy the dance.  There are tons of videos on youtube of couples who have choreographed their first dance, but – let’s face it – Bruce & I aren’t exactly Fred & Ginger.
Back in January, Bruce and I were watching coverage of the Inaugural Balls where President & Mrs. Obama danced to At Last, sung live by Beyonce.  Bruce looked at me and said:  “Hey, if it’s good enough for the president, I think it’s good enough for us!!”
We knew from the beginning that we wanted to use the original Etta James version.  Classic, yet not necessarily overdone.  Slow and first dance worthy, yet not slow and sappy.  Plus – crowd favorite.
Here we are dancing – and having a conversation about why Bruce should or should not spin me.  Yes – I know the first dance is supposed to be about love.  But I wanted Bruce to spin me and he didn’t think he could – so this conversation took up part of the dance.  But we were having fun – that’s what it’s all about, right?
In the end, Bruce did spin me.  I loved it!!  (I think he was holding back – he totally knew what he was doing!!)
In the end – you and your new spouse should do what’s comfortable for you.  This worked for us and was pretty much perfect!!  You’ll never get the first dance back, so choose something that will let you savor every minute and walk away brimming with happiness.
Grace & Peace,
Sarah 🙂

The Reception

21 Jun
Let’s face it … 
… while the ceremony is the most important part of the wedding day, the reception usually is what causes the most stress, headaches, anxiety, etc. etc. etc.
Here’s a fun post about some of the details of our beautiful reception.
Bruce really wanted his friends and family to be able to see the part of Connecticut that I grew up in and love and that he quickly fell in love with when we first started dating.  I agreed, but knew that it would be a challenge.  The northwest “hills” of Connecticut are known for small towns and local businesses – NOT hotels and banquet halls that can accommodate 230 people for a wedding.  Needless to say – we had to be creative.  We had originally planned to rent big tents and have the reception at my parents house, but started to think about the costs of renting two large tents for guests & dancing, one smaller tent for catering, a local industrial kitchen for the caterers, a dance floor, restrooms, and finding ways to transport from the church (because there isn’t enough parking at my parent’s house) we decided to change venues.
We ended up renting out the Community House, a town-owned building that sits on the church’s property adjacent to the church building.  The building actually used to be owned by the church, but at one point I believe (don’t quote me on this) the church donated the building to the town.  It is very multi-purposeful.  Growing up, I remember using it for the silent auction at our annual Harvest Fair, and seeing musicals & plays put on by the Kent Players.  As we were setting up for the reception, different people told me what they remember of it – how it used to be home to the local police department, used for fire department fundraisers, girl scout meetings, yoga classes and more.
The advantage to having the reception at the community house was that guests could literally walk across the lawn from the church to the reception, and they could get to their cars at any time.  The advantage to having the reception at the community house was that all of our vendors (caterers, cake bakers, liquor store owner) know the building well and there is a fully-sized industrial kitchen for the caterers downstairs.  The advantage to having the reception at the community house was that the building already had tables and chairs and we wouldn’t need to rent any of them with our linens.
The biggest disadvantage to having the reception at the community house was the fact that we weren’t in a banquet hall or hotel that does weddings week after week – we had to work out all the details, find individual vendors, rent linens & place settings, set up, decorate and remember guest amenities that normally the bride & groom and their families don’t have to think about.  We were EXTREMELY lucky, though.  Our vendors thought of EVERYTHING and they worked well together to pull everything together.  They were all local, which was what we wanted and they helped us navigate the not-so-local things we needed to get (linens, place settings, etc.).  We were also really lucky that we had a lot of really enthusiastic church members that were willing to help us with all of the set-up.
This is the reception all set up and ready to go the night of the rehearsal!!  Because it’s small town and my mom’s the minister in town, we were able to get in all day the day before the wedding without a problem so we weren’t doing any setting up the actual day of the wedding.  We took these pictures with the overhead lights on, so pictures just the twinkly lights and the candles lit on the table and that’s how it looked the night of the wedding.
We put the head table up on the stage.  It was fun to sit up and look out at everyone – too bad I only really sat down at my table for maybe a total of ten minutes!! (There was always someone to talk to – why would I want to sit down?!)  
The two round tables were appetizer “towers” – apparently they were filled with food.  I actually never saw them, because by the time we finished with pictures, took a breather with our bridal party and made our way to the reception, the towers had been broken down and cleared away.  But I heard they were awesome and the appetizers were great!! (The long rectangular table was for the buffet – the caterers broke that down and then that whole area became a dance floor)
We set up the tables simply, but (hopefully) elegantly.  Black tablecloths, red rose pedals and mirrors with candles for the centerpieces.  It really looked beautiful with all of the glass glistening.
We didn’t have any specific pattern to the centerpieces.  We put the mirrors down and started with the big candles.  The caterers and their staff took on the task of lighting hundreds of candles that night and replacing them to keep them lit throughout the night!!

I had asked my friend Courtney if she would be able to get us a cake knife & server set to cut the cake with and she OUTDID HERSELF.  Not only did she get a beautiful set (which I couldn’t find a picture of but I’ll keep looking), but she also got these matching champagne flutes and got everything engraved!!  They turned out amazing!!  They put our names on them, as well our wedding date and the word “peace” to match our wedding bands.

Our favors!!  These were actually kind of fun.  We bought champagne flutes in bulk at IKEA (two things we love – IKEA and different bar glasses), ordered matchboxes from Ideal Favors and tied on a note that told people we wanted them to continue to toast to the celebrations and blessings in their lives.  What was awesome was that the adults seemed to love them because they’ll be able to use them and the kids loved them because … 

… it gave them something to hold all of their candy in!!
This was one of my FAVORITE PARTS of the reception – the candy buffet!!  I saw the idea on The Knot and knew I HAD to have one at our wedding.  It was SO easy.  Bruce and I went and got jars at IKEA (if you, your parents or your friends have jars you can just use them – they don’t need to match, we got all different kinds) and then Bethany and I went to Costco and got about $100-$150 worth of candy.  From then on out it’s just a matter of being creative!!
The kids loved it, the adults loved it, Bruce & I loved it and it was SO simple.
I hope you enjoyed my reception!!

The Aftermath (x2)

20 Jun
Today’s wedding post is about the aftermath … both at my parent’s house and in Atlanta.
First – my parent’s house.

There are two things that I find absolutely hysterical about this picture.
#1.  It’s two days after the wedding and I’m still wearing my tiara (there is also a very good chance I wore it to breakfast at The Villager that morning).
#2.  The beautiful fire truck that I blogged about in the previous post that gave me the grandest entrance to the church I could ever imagine left a two foot rut in my parents front yard.  Whoops?
Second – Atlanta.  For all you brides out there – hairdressers tell you one thing to do in the months leading up to your wedding:  Grow, grow grow!!  So I did.
This is me talking to the ring bearer at the rehearsal.  My hair was LONG!!
One of the first things I did yesterday was call my fabulous hairdresser, Patrick.  I was in the chair at 9:45 this morning.  And I told him one thing:  Cut, cut, cut!!

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not very short, but it’s a big change for my hair!!  It feels GREAT!!  SO lightweight and manageable, which is amazing because it’s been in the high 90s with lots of humidity in Atlanta since we got back!!
I love it!!  Thanks Patrick!!